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Clayton Hutson

If your a musician, then pick Clayton Hutson as your tour manager. Having a good tour manager is important to any musician. Clayton Hutson can bring glory to any tour.

He has been a tour manager for many years and he is really experienced. For example, Aaron Lewis used Clayton Hutson as his tour manager. Clayton Hutson made sure that Aaron’s tour went smoothly. Clayton Hutson is so knowledgeable, he brought an SD11 on the tour.

Also, Clayton Hutson is a live sound engineer. A live sound manager operates the speakers and setup the sound equipment. He has worked with the highest class of artist. He has been the reason for some of the most outstanding performances.

Plus, he is even a production designer and production manager. A production designer is responsible for how the production looks. And a production manager organizes the production’s finances and is in charge on how the production’s finances are spent. Also, he has been a monitor engineer. A monitor engineer is responsible for the operation of the monitor mixing console. And repairs audio gear.

He also has his own production company. His company has helped a lot of musicians reach their goals and stay in their budget for tours. So many musicians rate him number one for their tour manager. Any problem that would come up on tour, Clayton Hutson would find a solution for it. And everything would stay in budget.

He is best known for monitor engineer in the 2005, “Bleed Like Me” tour. Clayton Hutson is the most reliable tour manager. If I ever went on tour, I would pick Clayton Hutson. He knows how to get the job done. Also, every tour he has been behind has been a total success. He also keeps everyone on tour organized and everything under control.

If your a musician, and in need of a tour manager then I would highly recommend Clayton Hutson. No other tour manager has had the success that Clayton Hutson had over the past decades. Clayton Hutson is so reliable,that he should win an award for best tour manager. Learn more: