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The Contribution of Jordan Lindsey in Financial Field

Without having a financial analyst who understands the market forces and trends in our world today, you will make significant losses especially when it comes to forex and cryptocurrency. Thanks to the Founder of JCL Capital Jordan Lindsey for his great contribution in this field. One of the major trends that in the financial field that has really affected Moscow exchange stocks is the decision that the United States government has taken to imposing new sanctions. This has led to the fall of Russian Ruble against the US Dollar consequently; it has led to a sharp drop in Moscow stocks.

The financial sanctions publication by the US on Russian politicians, companies, and oligarchs led to one of the highest levels of USDRUB since November 2017. The publications not only affected the exchange rates but also to Moscow stocks which dropped by over 9% while Rusal shares fell by almost 26%. To another currency like Japanese Yen remains very tight at 107.0 against USD which could be enhanced by North Korea willingness of denuclearization talks.

Any investor doesn’t have to worry about what is happening for JCL Capital is there to lead you to the support of an experienced founder and trader in financial matters and technology Mr. Jordan Lindsey. It is quite unbelievable that he is a self-taught system architecture and consequently programmer. That’s quite recommendable.

Jordan Lindsey developed his entrepreneurial skills at a very tender age when he was always looking for opportunities of improving situations and making the world a better place for him and others while still in New York. When he traveled to San Francisco, he decided to completely relocate to the State where he established himself even more.

Jordan Lindsey connects his productivity to proper planning and determination. He studied at Mount Angel Seminary and St. Joseph’s College. He has lived abroad in Mexico, Argentina, and Bosnia. In Bosnia, he did charity work where he volunteered in Medjugorje and coincidentally that’s where he met his wife who was also volunteering. One of his favorite things he likes doing is staying with his wife and his 3 daughters that’s basically his family times.

Glen Wakeman Educates Entrepreneurs On Possible Business Failures

Glen Wakeman is a well-known mentor and entrepreneur. He is also a business revolutionary. Glen Wakeman has been actively involved in M&A developments and offering information to startup companies. He has also helped in coming up with new business performance methodologies. In 2015, Glen launched his own company called LaunchPad Holdings LLC. Glen holds a master’s degree in MBA as well as Bachelors degree in economics. Wakeman has previously worked at GE Capital. He is also the founder of Nova Four. He has held different positions in his career life. He has played roles such as business developer, CEO, President, and member of the board of directors of various companies.

The demonstrated five-step performance methodology has made the name Glen Wakeman popular. The performance methodology focuses on human capital, risk management, execution and leadership power in business. As a successful writer and investor, Wakeman has inspired many people on a lot of subjects. He has been an inspiration to many on administrative strategies and fiscal economics. He has a lot of experience when it comes to corporate management, emerging markets, and divestitures. All these experiences have made Glen an enthusiastic market strategist. He has provided discerning guidance to executive level companies such as Dreanfunded and Sitter Bees. Wakeman as a corporate executive has earned a great reputation for precise methods that can be applied to many industries.

Glen Wakeman is an active member in transformative business opportunities ( This has made his leadership experience invaluable in international affairs. He offers tactical advice for angel investing, capital raising, and global financial platforms. He loves all aspects concerning development, business innovations and growth in the ever-changing international marketplace. Glen has lived in six different countries and has been head of businesses in more than 30 regions in the world. Up to date, Mr. Wakeman is a momentous force in the business world. Moreover, Glen is a very curious man. Curiosity pushes him into finding better solutions to the challenges in the business world. In addition to this, Glen acknowledges that an entrepreneur requires connection and networks. The networks allow one to make decisions, for instance, to make more customers or not.

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Sheldon Lavin Continues To Lead OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin began his career in the meat industry many decades ago. He was originally an investor and worked in the banking industry. Sheldon owned consulting firm and conducted financial transactions with other well-known businesses. He began a relationship with the founders Otto and Sons in the 1950s. Lavin went on to transform the company into an international organization that is now known as OSI Group. He continues to push for growth at OSI Group and believes that the company has limitless potential.

Sheldon Lavin began working with Otto and Sons in 1957. Otto and Sons was originally a family-owned organization that started as a meat market in the early 1900s. The company was working with the McDonald’s corporation. It had a chance to be the sole provider of meat to McDonald’s by building a state-of-the-art processing plant that catered to the restaurant chain. The founders of Otto and sons did not have the funding for such a facility. Sheldon Lavin was brought in to oversee the process and be a consultant on the inner working relationship of the two organizations.

Sheldon Lavin was requested by the executives at McDonald’s to be more involved with the operations at Otto & Sons. Lavin agreed to come in as a partner only if he would have an equal say in the decision-making like the other owners. The ownership agreed and Lavin began working with Otto and Sons full time. The original owners eventually settled into retirement and sold their interests in the company. Otto and Sons then became known as OSI Group. Lavin took over full control and began to make overseas investments with the organization.

Sheldon Lavin is highly recognized for his work at OSI Group. He received the Global Visionary award on February 20th 2016 for his leadership abilities. Lavin was also awarded the Vision World Academy honor. This was due to his international contributions to the corporate growth of his organization.

Sheldon Levin is also heavily involved in philanthropy and believes that young executives should be just as involved in their communities as they are in their organizations. Charity inspires the greatness in individuals and corporations according to Sheldon Lavin. He has been able to set this example at OSI Group by building a diversified staff with an extremely low turnover rate.

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Troy McQuagge’s Unprecedented Leadership at USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group LLC. Before joining USHEALTH Group LLC, he used to serve at Allstate where he participated in many departmental roles including leadership. Besides, this was at the beginning of his career so he had to do what any other young and hardworking employee would do. Additionally, Troy McQuagge also influenced the growth of Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. through his hard work and constant commitment to achieving the firm’s goals.

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His ambitions and endless passions began when he joined college. During his studies, he committed himself to ensuring that his efforts paid off. At the University of Central Florida where Troy McQuagge enrolled, he pursued an undergraduate degree in Legal Studies under the faculty of Arts.

In a recent news publication, Troy McQuagge was named by One Planet Awards as the Gold Winner due to his excellent managerial skills at USHEALTH Group. One Planet Awards was formed with an aim of appreciating business leader across the globe after accessing their performance. The performances of these CEO’s reflect in the profit hat their companies make after annual sales of their products and services. Thus, Troy McQuagge being awarded The Best Chief Executive Officer of the Year.

For organizations and companies to contest for the accolades, they are expected to make applications which are approved through nominations by the officials of One Planet Awards. The laurels can be competed for by any organization in the world regardless of whether they operate as private or public entities. The companies that go for the nomination include both charitable organizations and those that run profitable businesses. For One Planet Awards, it really doesn’t matter if the firms operate as small scale or large scale. Entrepreneurs who are accomplishing success with their start-ups are also free to take part.

During their recent event, Troy McQuagge appreciated One Planet Award for honoring him with the prestigious accolade. He was privileged to be recognized as the world’s CEO. Humility and selflessness being his most valued attributes he took the laurel to USHEALTH Group LLC and celebrated the successful achievement with his employees. Since his first involvement with USHEALTH Group, he has had the support of his employees and USHEALTH Advisors. Thus, it was only fair that their share in the celebrations.

Under his able leadership, USHEALTH Group has realized unmatched successful achievements and he is positive that the company is destined for greater opportunities. Despite the stiff competition in the health insurance industries, Troy McQuagge is confident that the company will make it. One of the profitable approaches that he has invented at USHEALTH Group is the provision of health insurance covers at subsidized prices. With this, the company will excel in providing quality healthcare to the citizens of the United States of America.

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The Role of Sheldon Lavin in the Growth of OSI Group

OSI Group has been in the world’s food industry for quite a long time. It produces an array of food products that range from beef, pork, and chicken to sandwiches, sauces, and vegetables. OSI Group’s corporate headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group’s top leaders, CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald have recently expedited its global expansion.

OSI Group opened first facility in Beijing, China in 1992. It soon began supplying meat and food products to fast-casual restaurants. Sixteen years later, the Beijing plant was chosen to supply chicken, beef, eggs, and pork during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Participants expressed their satisfaction with OSI Group’s food quality. Afterwards, OSI’s expansion pace started to accelerate. OSI Group also seeks to enhance its presence in South Asia. OSI Group entered South Asia through the acquisition of Vista Processed Foods, a renowned food supplier in India in 1995. In 2012, OSI Group opened Madanapalle, a new facility that supplies frozen vegetables to Indian fast-food outlets. In the same year, OSI Group opened a new processing facility in Poland to compete against a nearby slaughterhouse that began operation 20 years ago.

OSI Group’s customers in Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, and Sweden can now order hamburgers from its new facility in Ostroda. The new facility can produce up to 25,000 tons. In the fall of 2012, OSI Group spent around $25 million to scale up its chicken production in Hungary. In 2014 and 2015, two of OSI Group’s eco-friendly facilities received certification as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). After opening a new facility in southern Germany, OSI Group acquired a fellow supplier, Flagship Europe, which supplies sauces, poultry, and mayonnaise to British dining establishments.

A year later, OSI Group acquired an interest in a Dutch food processing firm, Baho Foods. It supplies deli products and snacks to restaurants and malls in 18 European nations. In March 2017, OSI Group initiated another major deal by acquiring Hynek Schalachthof GMbH, a German meat business that operates beef slaughterhouses. OSI Group was attracted to Hyneck Schlachthof because its slaughterhouses were near cattle ranches. Even with this growth pace, OSI Group aims to grow consistently and open new facilities across the world. Credit for OSI’s growth goes to Sheldon Lavin for his commitment to expanding the operations of OSI Group and its product line. As the world’s population continues to grow, the future of OSI Group seems bright.

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel Treats Sleep Apnea with Dentistry

Sleep is one of the most important parts of the human well-being. However, few people understand the importance of sleep. While most people who deem sleep as a sign of laziness, it is one of the best things a person can do to increase his health significance, as a matter of fact, few people who understand sleep know that it is associated with longevity. Many health benefits also emanate from sleep. If you have never had a productive day after trying coffee to derive you sleep, you can try enough sleep. Many doctors have also confirmed that sleep is best for productivity.

Due to tight schedules, many people find themselves overlooking sleep as it is a norm for those seeking fast income. However, doctors say that sleep is good for a productive day. There is a wide range of undesirable consequences that are associated with lack of sleep before we look at them, we need to know that sleep has one of its main benefits of increasing your lifespan. Doctors have also confirmed that there are special body cells that are produced when someone is asleep long enough. If you deny yourself sleep, you will not get the needed time to get the cells to grow.

Your eyes will appear to be puffy if you deny yourself sleep. Wrinkles will also start appearing on your face with lack of enough sleep. You need at least seven hours of sleep a night to enable your healthy body to grow better. However, there are other ways you can help yourself grow better benefits in health with sleep apnea under the care of Dr. Avi Weisfogel.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the most prominent New Jersey-based dentists. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has more than two decades of professional experience. Dr. Avi Weisfogel commenced his practice when he founded the Old Bridge Dental Practice in New Jersey. It was during that time when he was faced with the first sleep apnea medical condition. For this reason, he worked hard to develop therapies that can treat the sleep apnea medical condition. Dr. Avi Weisfogel also founded the Dental Sleep masters Company to help other dentists treat and diagnose sleep apnea.

Dr. Reddy is Always Ready to Help Others Grow With MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental provides a foundation for dental practice owners to successfully run and grow their business. They engage in partnerships with individual practice owners that help them manage their office more effectively. They help owners streamline their procedures and make them as efficient as possible. The dentist maintains control of patient care and their standards of care. Indeed, with MB2 Dental helping them, they are able to more strongly focus on patient care.MB2 Dental takes a lot of the worry out of the business end of dentistry. This enables the dentist to concentrate on the quality of patient care knowing that they are running an efficient business. Dentists also become part of the MB2 network where there are numerous opportunities to advance their skills and career. There are mentors available to help groom young dentists into skilled, knowledgeable professionals.

Dr. Akhil Reddy is a part of the MB2 Dental group and he has a simple guideline that he practices. He is armed with a purpose of growth for every action. His vision is to personally grow and help others grow and develop their work and personal lives. He considers this to be crucial to inspiring leadership. Leadership and entrepreneurialism go hand-in-hand and Dr. Reddy strives to live this.Dr. Reddy, after obtaining extensive educational credentials and practical experience, started his own practice in Dallas Tx. While revealing his great skill and positive demeanor with patients, it also showed him a desire to teach and build into the lives of others. His coaching and mentoring efforts brought great satisfaction to him and led him into consulting with other practices. Helping others develop professionally became another passion for him. Dr. Reddy and MB2 Dental also maintain a strong focus on improving access to dental care and providing care to underserved markets.

Dr. Reddy is a successful entrepreneur and one thing he credits for this is his ability to avoid procrastinating. He jumps right in when interacting with his staff or answering emails. Once he’s in the flow of the day, procrastination fades away as a threat to his productivity.MB2 Dental is a way to administratively run a practice and helps dentists utilize their valuable time wisely. This frees them from excessive time spent on office procedures and gives them more time with patients. They offer a full range of services which include payroll management and they also provide marketing services. Both of these functions are crucial to the healthy growth of any small business and MB2 does an admirable job.

James Dondero Launches A $1 Million Grant Challenge For The Legacy Campaign

James Dondero has announced a $1 million challenge grant. The announcement was made during The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon. This means that the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management will set aside $1 million to donate towards the charity organization’s Legacy Campaign.

The grant will help The Family Place to reach its target of $16.5 million for the construction of a shelter for the victims of family violence. The grant, which will be managed by Highland Capital’s Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. will match 50 percent of any amount contributed to the Legacy Challenge by other donors. This money raised will enable The Family Place to complete the campaign successfully. Highland Dallas Foundation is Highland Capital’s philanthropic arm.

According to Dondero, the grant challenge is his answer to the recent calls by Dallas leaders for the Dallas community to chip in and help in addressing the issue of family violence. Some of the leaders who are committed towards enhancing the campaign are the city’s mayor, Mike Rawling, and the police chief, David Brown.

Speaking about the Legacy Campaign, James encouraged the community to support the campaign. He added that his company was impressed by The Family Place’s efforts to ensure the success of the initiative. James said that he was optimistic that with the support of the Dallas community, the remaining amount would be raised.

Funds from the Family Place’s Legacy Campaign will be used to support the construction and operation of the Ann Moody place. Corgan will design the new Central Dallas Counselling Center. The facility is expected to have a medical and dental clinic, 13 emergency shelter bedrooms, multiple private and group counseling rooms, a call center, and job-training spaces. The Family Place expects the building to serve over 2,000 victims of family violence annually. It will also house the Be Project, a campaign against bullying and teen dating violence.

About James Dondero

James Dondero is a financial expert, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. The credit and equity market expert has over 30 years of experience in the field. James is regarded as the pioneer of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). Under his visionary leadership, Highland Capital Management has been able to develop innovative products and services that satisfies the clients’ utility.

The entrepreneur holds an accounting and finance degree from the University of Virginia. He is a chartered financial analyst. James is also a certified public accountant. Owing to his vast experience and knowledge, the shrewd entrepreneur has been appointed to the boards of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and NexBank.

Adam Milstein as a Life Changing Philanthropist

On 5th April this year, Richtopia, London-based publication and Rise, a social media ranking system named Adam Milstein as one among the 200 world’s most influential philanthropists. Adam Milstein who is the founder and the chairman of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) and the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation stands number 187 in the list. Included in the list is also other entrepreneurial-turned-philanthropists for example, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg; politicians like Hillary and Bill Clinton and other public figures like Rowling and Magic Johnson.

According to Adam Milstein his love for humanity is a crucial part of his day’s endeavors and his life in general. His family’s foundation’s mission is to strengthen the Jewish people and the Israel as a state. To achieve this, Adam funds projects with the aim positively impacting the lives of the people, creates synergies between different organizations and most importantly, promotes the principles of active philanthropy.

Adam is a hard working person and a world leader. Other than being the chair of IAC, he is also a prominent leader of StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships and the AIPAC, all of which are world’s renowned organizations. His key activities are to set Jewish pride to the future generations, enlightening Pro-Israel Americans on how to advocate for their state as well as reinforcing the U.S-Israel alliance. This has led to his recognition, and according to him, the Milstein Family Foundation will continue to grow and to strengthen the Jews and the state of Israel.

Adam Milstein is a first born and native of Haifa, Israel. Before enrolling in Technion Institute where he pursued BSc Business and Economics, Adam was a member and a leader of the Israel Defense Forces and the Ariel Sharon Army. In 1974, he and his family moved to the United States where he received his Master of Business Administration. Prior to becoming an active and a life path impacting philanthropist, Adam worked as a sales agent in the commercial real estate.



PodcastOne and Edison Research Results of Network Brand Studies

During the last half of 2016, there were comprehensive studies done, by Edison Research and PodcastOne, to take a look at the results that advertising can bring. There were five major brands dealing with five different categories and products. These studies showed that there were significant and positive impacts for podcast advertising dealing with the recall of specific messages, a recall of the brand, and the listeners intent to buy the recalled item.

The key findings of the studies showed that there were over 60% of their listeners that had a recall on a post-campaign grocery brand, which increased 7% in a pre-study finding. For financial services, the findings increased by 47% in the pre-study and by 37% in aftermarket car products, 24% in regards to lawn and garden products.

The awareness of some specific messages for aftermarket products was increased by 60% from pre-study findings. Casual dining increased by 76% over the pre-study findings.

Edison Research in 2016 conducted three different studies for PodcastOne to access the effectiveness of podcast advertising of five national brands. They not only used well-known brands but some lesser known. Some of the well-known were launching new messaging and the other not so well known were interested in trial and increased awareness of their products.

There were surveys run online with the audiences of different podcasts. The surveys were done pre-campaign and again after the products had run the advertising segment for 4-6 weeks. The same method was used in each case, showing that the podcast audiences were listening to the brand messages aired and were showing an increase in considering or in purchasing these brands.

Due to their methods of doing these studies, it allows them to gage the audience’s reactions in a before and after scenario. The research showed that podcast advertising has a very large impact on a lot of the key effective measures used.

The Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz stated that the focus of PodcastOne has all along, been to verify, independently, that their format is providing an enhanced brand impact that goes beyond any traditional advertising formats. Their multi-tiered formats used to integrate advertising and measurement are validated by these studies and the positive results show that they work.

Norman Pattiz is a hands-on person who says that there are no typical days to his work week. Being a small company he works along with everyone else in ad sales, and talent acquisition and whatever else may need his expertise that he has gained through 40 years of experience.

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