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Doe Deere Is the Face of Today’s Makeup Industry

Makeup is a very personal part of someone’s life. In many ways it can show some of the most deeply held ideals of any given person. It says a lot about what one feels are imperfections which need to be worked on. Makeup also says a lot about what a person aspires to become. By allowing one to craft a visual identity it can offer quite a few roads upon which one can walk to self discovery. One can find a multitude of different examples of this. But there’s few as inspiring or amazing as the story of Doe Deere.

Doe Deere is a woman who’s always understood self expression on When she was in school her focus and passion were centered in the world of fashion. She had a chance to really look into the nature of how people see each other. At the time this seemed important as a path to a direct career in fashion. But Doe Deere instead ended up taking a much larger view of things.

Doe Deere found that she’d developed a real passion for style in general. This is why what seems on the surface as an unexpected diversion into the rock world actually makes a lot of sense. Now that Doe Deere was in a band she had a chance to directly work with people’s perceptions. When immersed in academia, it’s easy to be somewhat distant from direct casual connections. However, when one is on stage it’s clear when a new look is working or when it’s not really working with the audience. This proved to be some of the best inspiration that Doe Deere had ever encountered. She came up with a multitude of new things to try. And for the most part she was able to rise to the challenge. However, there ended up being one aspect of her life that was continually failing to meet expectations. She was very aware of the fact that the available makeup wasn’t able to match her vision. At this point many people would have settled for what was available. In fact, most people would have settled. But Doe Deere’s life would have taken a very different direction if she hadn’t decided to fight against the situation. Instead of settling for the available makeup choices she decided to start making her own.

Doe Deere spent some time learning about the art of makeup creation. She learned what constitutes the best ingredients. And eventually she had makeup that was finally able to meet her expectations. The only surprise came from the fact that it turned out to be in high demand. It didn’t just impress an audience. It impressed so many people that they wanted to know where to buy it. After having to explain that it was only her personal supply enough times it became clear what she had to do. And this was the birth of the Lime Crime brand. Doe Deere has since become a major player in the world of cosmetics. And in doing so she’s been able to help a lot of women achieve their own dreams.