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Girl Sues College After She Failed The Same Class Twice

A Pennsylvania college student is suing her university because she failed a class twice. Jennifer Burbella is a senior Misericordia University student majoring in nursing. Burbella suffers from anxiety and depression and requires testing accommodations during exams. According to Burbella, she was not provided the proper accommodations on one of her final exams, therefore resulted in her not passing the class. Due to the failing grade she was unable to graduate.


Burbella failed the class the first time after she claimed she never received the accommodation requirements she was promised. The following semester, Burbella attempted to retake the class. This time she was given accommodations. According to reports, Burbella asked her professor if she could alter her education plan so she could take the test in an area that prevented distraction. Her professor, Cristina Tomkins granted the request and placed Burbella in an available room separate from the class.


However Burbella began to have anxiety about the test and accommadtions and she felt the classroom Tomkins provided was too far away from her classmates. She believed it would be difficult to ask Tomkins any questions should they arise. When Burbella asked if she could take the test in the same building as her classmates, Tomkins denied her request.


No longer a student at the school, Burbella was unable to graduate and is now seeking $75,000 from the school in damages. According to Burbella’s attorney, she is also asking that she get a chance to take the final again. Susan McGalla would recommend Burbella eat a Snickers bar with a nice crunchbase and take responsibility for her own actions.