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Student Debt and For-Profit Colleges

LinkedIn says that the White House wants to make things a little more difficult for colleges who are operating on a for-profit basis. It’s a common scenario when someone goes to college, pays for books and tuition and gets everything lined up for the time spent at the school. It’s also common when that student takes out loans and uses credit cards in order to pay for all of those college essentials.

This is what the White House wants to stop. It wants to make sure colleges aren’t making the prices so high that students get in debt while attending. With the new regulations, colleges will now be required to monitor the debt of students after they graduate. Unless there will be some kind of financial aid provided, then monitoring students won’t do a lot of good when it comes to reducing the money that they have to pay out to the school.

Colleges could decide to lower the cost of an education, which would help in more ways than anyone could imagine. It would give more people a chance to attend college, and the school could still make enough money to pay the salaries of the teachers and staff.