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Gamblers Appeal Ruling: They Want To Keep The $1.5 Million They Won From A Casino

Atlantic City Casino Unknowingly Used Unshuffled Cards

The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City is trying to get some money back from gamblers that realized a card deck wasn’t shuffled when they played mini-baccarat back in 2012. It seems an outside vendor was paid to pre-shuffle decks of cards, but the Kansas City manufacturer missed some decks. The casino didn’t realize the error until it was too late. The gamblers at the table walked away with $1.5 million.

A judge recently ruled that the money should be returned to the casino because the game didn’t conform to gaming regulations. That ruling meant the games played that night were illegal under state law, and the money had to be returned to the casino. Obviously the gamblers thought differently. They appealed the ruling, and they are still waiting for a decision.

People at Anastasia Date have learned that the casino did sue the Kansas City manufacturer, and that company settled with the casino. So the Golden Nugget has recouped some of the money from the manufacturer, but The Nugget still wants the gamblers to return their winnings. The question, in this case, is, did the gamblers cheat? Or was the casino negligent? The gamblers say they played the game the way they always played, but they did up their bets when they realized they knew what card would come next. The casino says that’s illegal. A new judge will make the final decision.