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Randy’s journey to USHEALTH Group

People refer to the current days a season of miracles. However, one needs to understand that it is impossible for one to claim a season of miracles as they occur each moment every day. Seeing a miracle inspires people, but for them to change they have to realize that they are a miracle. Seeing the miracle in one’s own heart when no one else can see transforms changes the miracle season into a life that becomes one’s story.

Randy was doing well in baseball during his time at Anderson Shiro High School in Anderson, Texas until he had a shoulder injury. After a successful surgery, he joined the team at Blinn College in Brenham, Texas but his shoulder could not handle the stress. His dream in baseball was over, as he had become more of a liability to the team. Randy decided to make it big in a different field. Randy tried various jobs including working as a bartender in college and saved up to about $2,000 by the time of his graduation. Check this article at to know more about USHealth Group

After putting his resume on two websites, Randy received an offer to work in Round Rock, Texas for Connie, a woman whose business was selling insurance. After a period of struggling with the occupation, Randy went to one of the people making huge numbers in his division and asked him to be his role model. Randy learned from his role model to protect lives instead of trying to be an insurance salesperson. In 2012, Randy made a move to USHEALTH Advisors; here he serves as a Satellite Division Leader.

USHEALTH Advisors is a national health insurance distribution branch of USHEALTH Group, Inc., an organization whose mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of people. USHEALTH Group runs a foundation, HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday). The aim of the foundation is giving back to the community. The first project of HOPE was rebuilding homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in partnership with other organizations. In 2011, through HOPE, USHA provided shoes, clothing, baby formula and other necessities to The Crisis Nursery. During the return to Phoenix in 2012 for a Leaders Meeting, USHEALTH Advisors presented a more than $25,000 check to HOPEKids Arizona. Learn more:


New York High School Graduate Receives the 2016 Keith Mann Scholarship Award

Non-profit organization, Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York announced the recipient of the 2016 Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship Award for Professional Excellence in March 2016. The scholarship award program was originally announced on January 25th, 2016 by Business Wire. The organization has received tens of thousands of dollars in financial contributions from donors, including Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners. Mr. Mann is the vice president and managing director of the investment executive staffing agency. He and members of Dynamics are involved in various programs, such as career development and resume building workshops.

Keith and Keely Mann will award one student every year a $5,000 scholarship to attend any university or college in the United States. The recipient may apply the scholarship cash award on tuition and/or books. It was a sensational day for the academic striving student attending an Uncommon School. Students from urban charter public schools in Brooklyn worked very hard completing applications and writing essays to become eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship was announced in January and students had until the end of February to submit the required documents and writings.

Keith Mann partnered with Uncommon Schools Organization with the goal of mentoring and motivating high school students. The Dynamics Team selects schools within urban Brooklyn school district to help seniors prepare for four-year colleges. Students are taught how to complete admission forms; how to fill-out financial aid applications; and how to write a resumes. The Keith and Keely Mann scholarship recipient and classmates received training during workshops created by Mr. Mann and the team to prepare for college and job opportunities.

Mann has served as the managing director of Dynamics Search Partners for nearly sixteen years. Dynamics is an executive placement firm that matches applicants with leading hedge fund management companies internationally. The agency works with managers, analysts, executives, and known investment businesses. Keith Mann contributes to the state of New York by giving his time and donations to Brooklyn’s urban schools. Since 2013, he has made a tremendous difference in the lives of students who come from low-income families.

Check out the original BusinessWire article here.

George Mason University; The Favorite Recipient of Charles Koch’s Donations

George Mason University has slowly built a reputation as a conservative powerhouse in law and economics. The school has achieved this success in part through donations worth tens of millions from billionaire Charles Koch. According to tax records, the Charles Koch Foundation donated approximately $48 million between 2011 and 2014. Although Koch donates more than $20 million annually to different universities through the Koch foundation, no other university has received over $1 million within the same period.

George Mason faculty and students have raised concerns over the size of the donations and interference of academic independence. However, it is common for billionaires to donate large amounts to schools. A number of billionaires have donated their funds for specific purposes such as supporting a research facility. For instance, Nike Inc. co-founder, Phil Knight, announced a $400 million scholarship gift to Stanford University early this year. In addition, Koch and his brother David have also donated to various universities.

Charles Koch’s representative asserts that the contributions are made without any attached conditions. Supporters of donations to different institutions are of the opinion that the money caters for a gap left by the decreasing public support. Among these supporters is Democratic Senator, Chap Peterson. He notes that the money helps fill funding gaps regardless of its origin. The supporters accuse critics of targeting the CEO of Koch industries because of his open support of conservative as well as libertarian objectives.

As much as Charles Koch’s donations have tripped alarms at George Mason University, the relationship between Koch and the university continuous to flourish. Recently, Mason’s Law School announced a gift of $10 million from Koch Foundation in addition to a $20 million gift from an unspecified donor. According to George Mason University President, Angel Cabrear, the donations were a milestone moment for the University.

Much of the Koch donations go to the Mercatus Center, a free market think tank and the Institute of Human Studies that advocates for libertarian philosophies. Cabrear points out that it is fantastic to have people that are supportive with their money and time.

Koch serves as the chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Koch Industries. The American businessman and philanthropist was born in Wichita, Kansas, Koch received his education from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Koch subscribes to the market based management business philosophy as detailed in his 2007 book titled, The Science of Success. He supports several libertarian as well as free enterprise policy and advocacy institutions.

Successful New Jersey Dentist Supporting Operation Smile

Operation Smile, a worthwhile non-profit, states on their website they believe “every child deserves exceptional surgical care.” Also having these corresponding beliefs, award winning New Jersey Dentist, Avi Weisfogel, has decided to start a GoFundMe page for Operation Smile. The campaign will raise $2,000 for the cause. Operation Smile helps children in third-world countries receive safe surgery mostly in the facial region including cleft lip and palate. The foundation was started in the 1980s and began in the Philippines by Dr. William and Kathleen Magee. Heartbroken for the children they couldn’t help on the first trip to the Philippines, the Magees vowed to return; thus, Operation Smile was conceived. Now the non-profit helps children in every country around the world and has thousands of volunteers.

A charity close to Avi’s heart, he hopes to help Operation Smile the best he can. Avi Weisfogel’s career in dentistry started shortly after his graduation from New York University College of Dentistry in 1998. He bought out a dying practice and began working in his home town of Old Bridge, New Jersey at, a practice called Old Bridge Dental Care. With a growing practice and many satisfied patients, Avi decided to sell the practice for a profit and find a practice that suited his growing needs.

After some time at his new practice, Avi decided what he really wanted was to help patients with sleep apnea. already seeing a few patients, Avi Weisfogel was determined to see more. After years of research, he had a plan and started Dental Sleep Masters where he sees hundreds of sleep apnea patients. He also founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients where he taught courses on how to achieve the same success with sleep patients. The course takes a few days to teach and requires continued support along the way. A sports fan and music lover, Avi loves to watch Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Browns and is a fan of Pink Floyd. He also stays active skiing.

Follow Avi on Facebook and watch his educational YouTube video!

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Effort Made by Keith Mann to Support Students to Achieve their Professional Objectives

On January 25, 2016, the BusinessWire reported about the announcement of the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship. The scholarship was reported to be an award for professional achievement, particularly to acknowledge fresh and creative business leaders. The Uncommon Schools are involved in the scholarship as principle partners.

The Uncommon Schools, a New York-based non-profit organization, will assist in the scholarship program by providing a single student on annual basis from one of its many high schools located in Brooklyn. Joe Frick, a college counsellor at Uncommon Schools, thanked both Keith and Keely Mann for initiating the scholarship, which would allow one student to afford college tuition fee for four years.

To qualify for the scholarship, the graduating seniors in any Uncommon Charter High School are required to write an essay comprising of a thousand words. The essay should contain information regarding the impacts of attaining a college degree to their professional objectives. Keith Mann said that the aim of the scholarship was to enable students from poor financial backgrounds attend and graduate from college with a degree to help them achieve their career objectives.

The process of application started on February 29, 2016 and a winner is expected to be awarded with $5000 in terms of scholarship by completion of March 2016.Keith is also dedicated to spotting abled leaders and matching them with institutions, which can aid them achieve success .

Keith Mann is the co-founder and managing Director of the Dynamic Search Partners. In 2002, Mann instituted the Alternative Investment Practice division under the Dynamic Executive Search in a bid to boost service delivery. He made this decision upon identifying the underservice by the search community to the quickly growing hedge fund sector. Keith later boosted the operations of the practice to the private equity business before establishing Dynamic Search Partners.

With an experience level spanning for fifteen years, Keith Mann is a specialist in hiring strategy, hedge fund compensation and staffing. Further, the company has grown to become among the biggest and acknowledged databanks of investment executives in the United States. Apart from executive search solutions, the company is reputable for offering alternative staffing services for top equity companies

Keith Mann’s Passion for education prompts Him to Start Scholarship

The important thing to remember in the business world is that it is the young people coming in that will eventually become the executives in the future. Realizing this, Keith Mann wants to make sure they are prepared properly. The director of Dynamics Search Partners has set up a scholarship fund labeled the Scholarship for Professional Achievement, according to a Business Wire article. The scholarship is specifically designed for a graduating senior at Uncommon Charter High School, a low-income charter school in Brooklyn managed by Uncommon Schools. Keith has a heart for education and wants passionate talented students from every background and income situation to be able to attend college.

Keith’s philanthropy perfectly coincides with the Uncommon Schools goals. The non-profit has 44 charter schools across three states that are all in low-income, urban neighborhoods. The goal is to prepare these students for college since they may not have had the advantages students in other income levels have had. Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners have continuously supported Uncommon Schools and specifically Uncommon Charter High School by raising funds for supplies and standardized testing.

Keith Mann has worked in the business world by finding talented individuals to fill executive positions. Starting out in Dynamics Executive Search, Keith began and lead the Alternative Investment Practice within the company to try and serve a market that needed it. In 2009 he established Dynamics Search Partners to help clients find talented individuals for their open executive positions and catered specifically to the alternative investment field. Keith has spent years of his life learning the ins and outs of the business world and understands the needs of clients. Him and his company can find the right person for any job, and is dedicated to professionalism. Keith hopes to help students find the same success in the business world by providing the $5,000 scholarship. Students at Uncommon Charter High School are only required to attach a 1,000 word essay to their application explaining how college will help them achieve their goals. A winner will be announced by the end of the month.


Avi Weisfogel Starts GoFundMe Campaign

Avi Weisfogel is a popular dentist that has influenced the dentistry industry for some time now. He has been in the profession for quite some time, and this means that he has acquired a lot of knowledge in the industry. His biggest area of concentration is sleep apnea, a sleep condition that affects many people in the modern times. The dentist is based in America, although he travels to different parts of the world. He has started several organizations to train people and doctors about sleeping conditions, and how they are related to dental health. He has been quite influential in inventing machines and equipment’s to help patients with sleep apnea.

This year, the dentist has offered to support the launch of GoFundMe, a campaign that will support Operation Smile, a charitable organization that has spread all over the world. The dentist has offered to give an amount of $ 2000.

Recently, Avi Weisfogel announced that he was launching the page. The main purpose of the page will be to support Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an international charitable organization that provides free surgeries on children. The company also offers surgeries to young adults who have any facial deformities such cleft palates, cleft lips, and many others. According to the dentist, the campaign will produce a good amount of money to help the children and young adults. He wants to ensure that people with facial deformities are assured of a healthier and better tomorrow.

During an interview conducted just recently, Avi Weisfogel says that he believes that all children in the world deserve quality surgical care and that all the children should be treated with love and as if they were your own. These children with facial deformities should be shown hope that regardless of their situation in life; the future will be brighter, thanks to the century.

Because he loves young children, Avi Weisfogel looked for an organization that helps the young. After several background checks, he settled on Operation Smile. He believes that this organization will help children get the best care as they deserve.

The charitable organization works with the local medics, hospitals and governments to help create surgical care models to help the children. The organization’s main goal is to identify the best and most effective ways to reach as many affected children as possible.

Every year, the international organization performs surgeries during the annual medical missions in different locations in the world. During these missions, the organization requires surgical equipment, medical experts, and other important facilities that need money.


A Discussion with Diehl about Gold Coins

Philip Diehl truly knows precious metal coins. In particular, he knows gold coins. As the president of U.S. Money Reserve, deal manages one of the largest distributors of gold coins in the United States. Clients who purchase from U.S. Money Reserve are able to acquire legitimate coins produced at the U.S. Mint. In a recent podcast on the EPN network, Diehl revealed why it is necessary to only buy from trusted sources.

Shockingly, a host of counterfeit gold assets have entered the global market. Diehl reveals the imports of fake gold coins from foreign countries do nothing more than separate people from their money. The coins are not legal tender. The purity of the coins may be far too low to be worth their weight in gold. The same problem may exist with gold (or silver or platinum) bars or bullion.

Diehl is quick to discuss the legitimacy of the coins sold through U.S. Money Reserve. The bulk of the coins are produced by the U.S. Mint. This means the coins are legal tender back by the “full faith and credit of the U.S. government”. Backed by the United States’ economy and minted by the government itself, no one could ever accuse the coins of being dubiously produced.

Diehl most definitely knows the value of legitimate U.S. coins. In the interview, he discusses his previous job of being the director of the U.S. Mint. In a talk about his tenure at the U.S. Mint, Diehl mentions how he was the driving force behind expanding the distribution of U.S. Mint coins to various countries throughout the world. He also points out he changed the culture at the U.S. Mint to one that focuses more greatly on customer service. Diehl brings that same passion for customer service to U.S. Money Reserve.

The complete interview is a very interesting one. Diehl even goes into the reasons why so many people are looking to purchase gold coins these days. Confusion and worry over U.S. monetary policy drive people to buy coins to protect their net worth. Worries over declines in the stock market and global economy also nudge people towards protecting themselves with gold.

Diehl wants to be sure people are buying the right gold for the right reason from the right seller. Taking this approach definitely has the potential to maximize the positive outcome of the acquisition.

One Mann helping Many Lives

Keith Mann may not be a household name but he should be. As a successful business man, with over 15 years experience in the executive search industry, Mann has made his success carry over into helping others. Mann began his career in 1995 as the manager of the alterative investment division of Dynamic Associates. Working his way up, Mann eventually launched his own NYC based enterprise in 2001, becoming the co-founder, managing director and investment banker of Dynamic Search Partners.

In 2008, through his company, Dynamic Search Partners, Mann donated $8000 to the Hope and Heroes Foundation which raises money to fight childhood cancer. In response to protest and violence toward the police in NYC Keith and his wife Keely, sent lunches to the entire 54th Precinct, twice. In 2013, he started working with the Uncommon School; a charter school whose goal is to close the achievement gap and prepare millions of low income students to graduate from college. In 2015, Keith Mann held a fundraiser for the Uncommon School which raised an additional $22,000. With a strong belief in education Keith and his wife Keely have recently announced an annual scholarship for the Uncommon School pledging $5000 per year for one senior to help ensure they can afford a college education. Mann states, “We support the mission and work towards providing everyone the opportunity to go to college.”

A man who worked hard to get where he is and works just as hard to ensure others reach their goal as well, Keith Mann is doing his part to better the lives of many.

Avi Weisfogel Opens Fundraiser for Operation Smile

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, who specializes in helping dentists make the connection between sleep disorders and dental abnormalities is turning his sights to helping the world renowned charity Operation Smile. A huge philanthropist himself, he became enamored with the international children’s medical charity that provides life changing surgery to those born with dental defects, such as cleft palate, which is a congenital split in the roof of the mouth. Thousands of professional staff from over eighty different countries are helping children in over sixty countries – over a quarter million free surgeries have been performed so far, to help children and teens with facial deformities.

As an undergraduate of psychology at Rutgers University, and subsequently obtaining his Dentist degree-DDS-from New York University College of Dentistry, Dr. Weisfogel has been active treating sleep disorders for over sixteen years. Five years ago, he went on to realize the importance of sleep in regards to heart health. This led him to start his “Healthy Heart Sleep” to teach doctors and patients how to overcome side effects of sleep disorders. Two years later, he started the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients company where he travels to lecture and teaches about sleep apnea and the problems that come along with it. He has now opened his Dental Sleep Masters firm to show dentists how numerous oral devices can be used to offset sleep disorders.

Through his Dental Sleep Masters practice, Dr. Weisfogel has been able to connect patients with sleep apnea treatments and has furthered the understanding of the dysfunction and how oral appliances can alleviate the disease. Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition where the breathing pattern is interrupted several times during the night, severely disrupting a patient’s rest. The result can lead to daily forgetfulness and trouble concentrating and even contribute to cardiovascular health problems. Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his GoFundMe Campaign!

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