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OSI Group Announces Baho Food Acquisition

OSI has been a food solutions leader for well over a century. OSI prides itself on its dedication to serving their customers. OSI is highly regarded, and is seen as one of the top global food providers. Many of the World’s leading brands use OSI, as they constantly deliver quality processes while saving money on costs.

OSI helps produce a number of food products, such as bacon, breakfast sausage, cooked beef and pork, and pizza. OSI has a global network that stretches across three continents; Europe, North America and Asia. Thanks to a global presence, OSI has a unique understanding of the needs of consumers. OSI uses customized solutions to meet the needs of the problems. OSI’s international network allows them to have a strong supply chain, which causes financial flexibility. OSI is privately held, and uses being a smaller company to their advantage.

OSI is a results oriented company so they hire people who are talented, motivated, and have a passion for business. OSI has a tenacious persistence to deliver on their promises. Using their drive and creativity, OSI’s production and distribution process is second to none.

OSI partners with the best resources from around the globe. OSI’s strength in raw materials, sourcing, product commercialization and industry production help them stand out in the industry. OSI emphasizes innovation through being able to share information and technology. OSI has a network of creative resources that help give customers access to practical ideas from around the globe.

OSI is a leader in food safety and brand security. OSI works closely with their supply chain, making sure that they are compliant with industry standards and specifications. OSI seeks to organize safe and appropriate transportation.

Recently, OSI acquired Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods. OSI Group CEO David McDonald feels that adding Baho Food to OSI expands OSI’s presence in Europe. The acquisition helps OSI serve the evolving needs of different customers.

Baho Food has processing plants in The Netherlands and Germany. Baho Food’s managing director John Balvers looks forward to working with OSI to form a growth strategy leading to continued success. Balvers feels that this merger will help offer customers a broader product portfolio and lead to substantial growth.]