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GoFundMe Campaign is launched by Avi Weisfogel To Facilitate Operation Smile

With many children born with cleft palate, cleft lips and many other forms of facial deformities, there has been the need to chip in and help. The launch of GoFundMe by Avi Weisfogel is aimed at raising about $ 2000, which shall be channeled to Operation Smile’s kitty. This international organization is a medical charity that seeks to provide free surgeries to the children suffering from any facial deformities.

The surgical procedures are also open to adults with different facial disabilities. The campaign supports Operation Smile’s objectives in order to provide every child with the hope for a healthier and better tomorrow. In a recent interview, Avi asserted that Operation Smile is working round the clock to ensure that children have hope about their future irrespective of the difficulties of life. He added that his passion and background in Dentistry made him fund Operation Smile through his GoFundMe campaign.

Over the years, Operation Smile has been working with the local medical practitioners, government agencies, healthcare institutions and other institutions in order to develop a functioning surgical care model. The objective of this collaboration is to come up with viable solutions that will enable them reach most children in a given location.

Operation Smile has been conducting medical missions in a given location per year. These missions are not easy given that equipment and personnel have to be imported based on the on-site resources. In order to achieve maximum output, Operation Smile has been working with local healers to provide patients with care based on their own languages and culture.

Bill and Kathy Mgee found the charitable organization back in 1982. Helping children in Philippines was their first mission. Over the subsequent years, Operation Smile has established a global network with volunteers from 80 countries around the globe. To date, the organization has undertaken over 220,000 free surgeries. In addition, the charitable institution has been building long-term sufficiency by providing training to local medical practitioners.
About Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi is the proprietor of Old Bridge Dental Care. Owing to his extensive research, he was able to establish Healthy Heart Sleep with the view of managing sleep disorders among patients. The graduate of biology and psychology from Rutgers University is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters. Over the years, he has been running sleep-testing systems besides supporting dentists secure patients with Apnea.

Dr. Avi is a sports fan. He has tickets for the New York Rangers NHL Team. The dentist asserts that the symptoms of sleep bruxism are clenching of the muscles of the jaw and grinding of teeth when one is sleeping. The DDS from the college of Dentistry in New York University has floated much information to other dentists to enable them identify potential clients.