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George Mason University; The Favorite Recipient of Charles Koch’s Donations

George Mason University has slowly built a reputation as a conservative powerhouse in law and economics. The school has achieved this success in part through donations worth tens of millions from billionaire Charles Koch. According to tax records, the Charles Koch Foundation donated approximately $48 million between 2011 and 2014. Although Koch donates more than $20 million annually to different universities through the Koch foundation, no other university has received over $1 million within the same period.

George Mason faculty and students have raised concerns over the size of the donations and interference of academic independence. However, it is common for billionaires to donate large amounts to schools. A number of billionaires have donated their funds for specific purposes such as supporting a research facility. For instance, Nike Inc. co-founder, Phil Knight, announced a $400 million scholarship gift to Stanford University early this year. In addition, Koch and his brother David have also donated to various universities.

Charles Koch’s representative asserts that the contributions are made without any attached conditions. Supporters of donations to different institutions are of the opinion that the money caters for a gap left by the decreasing public support. Among these supporters is Democratic Senator, Chap Peterson. He notes that the money helps fill funding gaps regardless of its origin. The supporters accuse critics of targeting the CEO of Koch industries because of his open support of conservative as well as libertarian objectives.

As much as Charles Koch’s donations have tripped alarms at George Mason University, the relationship between Koch and the university continuous to flourish. Recently, Mason’s Law School announced a gift of $10 million from Koch Foundation in addition to a $20 million gift from an unspecified donor. According to George Mason University President, Angel Cabrear, the donations were a milestone moment for the University.

Much of the Koch donations go to the Mercatus Center, a free market think tank and the Institute of Human Studies that advocates for libertarian philosophies. Cabrear points out that it is fantastic to have people that are supportive with their money and time.

Koch serves as the chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Koch Industries. The American businessman and philanthropist was born in Wichita, Kansas, Koch received his education from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Koch subscribes to the market based management business philosophy as detailed in his 2007 book titled, The Science of Success. He supports several libertarian as well as free enterprise policy and advocacy institutions.

Successful New Jersey Dentist Supporting Operation Smile

Operation Smile, a worthwhile non-profit, states on their website they believe “every child deserves exceptional surgical care.” Also having these corresponding beliefs, award winning New Jersey Dentist, Avi Weisfogel, has decided to start a GoFundMe page for Operation Smile. The campaign will raise $2,000 for the cause. Operation Smile helps children in third-world countries receive safe surgery mostly in the facial region including cleft lip and palate. The foundation was started in the 1980s and began in the Philippines by Dr. William and Kathleen Magee. Heartbroken for the children they couldn’t help on the first trip to the Philippines, the Magees vowed to return; thus, Operation Smile was conceived. Now the non-profit helps children in every country around the world and has thousands of volunteers.

A charity close to Avi’s heart, he hopes to help Operation Smile the best he can. Avi Weisfogel’s career in dentistry started shortly after his graduation from New York University College of Dentistry in 1998. He bought out a dying practice and began working in his home town of Old Bridge, New Jersey at, a practice called Old Bridge Dental Care. With a growing practice and many satisfied patients, Avi decided to sell the practice for a profit and find a practice that suited his growing needs.

After some time at his new practice, Avi decided what he really wanted was to help patients with sleep apnea. already seeing a few patients, Avi Weisfogel was determined to see more. After years of research, he had a plan and started Dental Sleep Masters where he sees hundreds of sleep apnea patients. He also founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients where he taught courses on how to achieve the same success with sleep patients. The course takes a few days to teach and requires continued support along the way. A sports fan and music lover, Avi loves to watch Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Browns and is a fan of Pink Floyd. He also stays active skiing.

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One Mann helping Many Lives

Keith Mann may not be a household name but he should be. As a successful business man, with over 15 years experience in the executive search industry, Mann has made his success carry over into helping others. Mann began his career in 1995 as the manager of the alterative investment division of Dynamic Associates. Working his way up, Mann eventually launched his own NYC based enterprise in 2001, becoming the co-founder, managing director and investment banker of Dynamic Search Partners.

In 2008, through his company, Dynamic Search Partners, Mann donated $8000 to the Hope and Heroes Foundation which raises money to fight childhood cancer. In response to protest and violence toward the police in NYC Keith and his wife Keely, sent lunches to the entire 54th Precinct, twice. In 2013, he started working with the Uncommon School; a charter school whose goal is to close the achievement gap and prepare millions of low income students to graduate from college. In 2015, Keith Mann held a fundraiser for the Uncommon School which raised an additional $22,000. With a strong belief in education Keith and his wife Keely have recently announced an annual scholarship for the Uncommon School pledging $5000 per year for one senior to help ensure they can afford a college education. Mann states, “We support the mission and work towards providing everyone the opportunity to go to college.”

A man who worked hard to get where he is and works just as hard to ensure others reach their goal as well, Keith Mann is doing his part to better the lives of many.

Keith Mann: The Ultimate Professional & Philanthropist

Keith Mann. the founder of Dynamic Search Partners, and his wife, Keely Mann, have been showing their support towards the NYPD. There have been protests and violence towards the police force, and the Manns made a thankful gesture by sending the 54th Street precinct lunch. This gesture was delivered to boost the morale, rather than to feed into the negativity surrounding the police force. As a matter of fact, Keith Mann has a personal connection with the NYPD, because his wife’s uncle is a detective for Staten Island.

Mr. Mann feels like the recent negative reactions toward the police hits close to home, even though it was suppose to be a silent protest. He also sent another lunch to the precinct, because he knows that a single act normally goes unnoticed. He stated that officers deserved to be thanked for their service, and not attacked. He further stated that policemen are people too, who have families, and that he doesn’t want any of his family or him to get hurt due to the careless action against policemen. And furthermore, officers react accordingly to training in situations that civilians don’t encounter.

Many people like Keith Mann feel like people should support the police, and not stand in the way of their efforts. These concerned citizens made an effort in supporting the police, since the recent conflicts. They had a support rally for the NYPD, in which 150 people attended. Similar rallies were also held throughout the United States, despite the increase in violence toward the supporters of police departments. Supporters believed that the silent majority are still supportive to police, and that these silent people should make their voices heard. Mr. Mann believes that even simple, supportive action can make a world of difference for the protectors of citizens everyday.

Keith Mann is a committed advocate, activist, and a philanthropist. He is also an extraordinary business leader. In 2001, the hedge fund company, Dynamic Search Partners, was cofounded by Keith Mann. This company works with hedge funds for staffing needs. Mr. Mann also gives students at Uncommon Schools the tools needed in finding jobs after college. Additionally, Mr. Mann donated money to, and Hope and Heroes. is a fund that supports US classroom projects, by providing supplies to students and teachers.

Other key aspects of Keith Mann is that he has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry. He is an expert in staffing and hiring strategy, and in hedge fund compensation.

Avi Weisfogel: GoFundMe to raise money for Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist who previously had practice in Old Bridge, NJ from 1999 to 2014, when he opened another clinic called Dental Sleep Masters. He got his BA degrees in psychology and biology at Rutgers University, and has a doctor of dental surgery all from the New York University College of Dentistry.

Avi Weisfogel also lectures at Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients, and through it helps clinics get sleep patients. His experience makes him the perfect candidate to teach other dentists about oral appliances and how they are used in therapy to treat certain kinds of sleep disorders. He will be forever remembered for his work in helping children around the world to get the facial operations they need for a normal life, and one way he is doing this is through a GoFundMe account for Operation Smile.

Weisfogel supports children through Operation Smile

He likes to help other people and teach them about good dental care. Therefore, he has chosen Operation Smile to raise money for through GoFundMe at and hopes to raise at least $2,000.

Operation Smile helps deserving children to get the medical and surgical care they need, and wants those kids to have hope that their needs will be met and they will have a better tomorrow that is heathier. They perform cleft lip and cleft palate operations on needy children all over the world. If fully funded, his GoFundMe account will provide the funds to help several children get the operations they need.

GoFundMe works by others who want to help his cause through crowdfunding via the Internet. It can be used for many kinds of fund raising issues such as Operation Smile or other charities or other reasons. Weisfogel uses this platform, plus also donates his own funds to various charities.

Support Operation Smile at GoFundMe

Children are born every few minutes with these horrible cleft palates and cleft lips and only through helping others like the children that Operation Smile helps can we rid the world of this problem. So, if you are interested in helping the dentist to gather funds for Operation Smile, then go to his GoFundMe account at and help him to raise $2,000.

All of the money raised by the GoFundMe account will go straight to Operation Smile to help these kids have a better life. Weisfogel is determined to help these kids and you too can do so by donating to his GoFundMe account.

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The CEO Brooknol Advisor Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan has grown in his career for over thirty years. He has involved himself in various level of service in various organizations all over the world. He has been very dedicated and also hard working in his work all through. Currently he is at the helm of Brooknol Advisors as the CEO. This organization is a sports advisory, an entertainment and media company. While in this company he was privileged to hold the to work in the positions of CFO, COO and CEO of many big entertainment companies. As he was working in these organizations he gathered a lot of experience that has helped him lead Brooknol Advisors to greater heights than he found it.

Mulligan had a lot of talents and also an expert in many different fields. Some of these fields include media, property structuring, international entertainment, theme parks, video games and other areas. Because of this vast experience he was put in front of all other pack that were in comparison with him in the competition. It is also self explanatory why he was able to rise to the top of many organizations that he has been in. At this time he is a member of many different organizations such as media roundtable, international entertainment, digital roundtable and other sports business.

He has been awarded several awards that are as a result of recognizing his good work. One of the awards that he was bestowed with is one of the most powerful 50 people in Hollywood others include the leading investment banker and one of the bankers in hollywood most prominent. In addition to being involved in sports and entertainment industry, he has been good in charity and politics. He was involved in a venture referred to as A Better La. Other charities include raising money for needy schools such as St, Jude, City of Hope MCA charities and many others. Mulligan has also earned many CPA Certificates that include FINRA 79 and 63 licenses, and also the global management. In addition to this he has coached football and basket ball teams. At this time when he was a coach he was serving as the commissioner of Youth Basketball.

He has also worked with Universal television, FOX broadcasting, Universal pictures Boston Consultancy and many other corporation that might not b in this list. At this time he was very instrumental in transactions that would be well of over $175 billion. His prolonged experience and skill have been an additive to the progress of the industry for a long period of time.