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The Owner of Custom Co., Perry Mandera, Discusses Bill of Lading

Perry Mandera recently reported about the importance and purpose of a bill of lading (BoL or B/L). Mandera is a successful executive with over 40 years of experience in the transportation field. He leads the business development and sales operations at The Custom Companies, Inc. And in this area of business, he ensures that customers receive convenient and high-quality services. One way he does that is through electronic bill of lading.

Bill of lading serves three main purposes that are very important processes of the shipping chain. These purposes include having a document title for the goods, having a receipt of goods, and having proof of a carriage contract ( With BoLs being a contract of carriage, they are legal as other business contracts. Thus, litigation concerns can arise when it comes to incorrectly filling out a BoL, when it comes to ensuring the cargo is going according to a seller’s parameters, and more.

With BoLs serving as the goods’ receipt, sellers have proof that the carrier received the cargo that’s shipped and in good condition. And if buyers receive damaged products, the sellers can determine whether the issue derived from the carrier or the manufacturer. Lastly, BoLs serve as title holders of the transported goods which could be transferred to another party, if desired.


About Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the founder and owner of Custom Co. He is also the founder of Custom Care Charities, a charity that’s committed to the transportation industry. In addition to loving his wife and children, Perry loves his church that he attends faithfully. He also serves as a board member of the Illinois Trucking Association (ITA). Additionally, Perry served from 1984 to 1988 as the Republican ward committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago. Perry was the youngest elected person to be a Republican ward committeeman.