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When You Look For Medical Answers Online, You Are Being Watched

With all of the technology that is available to us these days, it is incredibly convenient to search for answers to our medical issues without having to pick up a phone and call our doctor. The internet is capable of pointing us in the right direction whether you have a headache, a wound, an illness or something more serious. According to a recent study done by The Pew Internet Project, as much as seventy-two percent of Americans are using the internet to look up health related symptoms to either self diagnose themselves or to seek medical attention. Unfortunately, when you turn to the internet to look for health advice you may be being watched. Third party companies are collecting the information you type into your search engine that they are selling this information to other brands and companies.

When you search for something like ‘the common cold’ like Daniel Amen and you then you click on one of the top search engine results that comes up, the website you click on is passing your information along to these third parties. This is potentially a breach in patient confidentiality. You may think you are looking up a health issue from the privacy of your own home but in reality, you are letting the world know what you issues are. Keep this in mind next time you want to look something up on your own. Even if you think you are remaining private with an embarrassing concern, more people might find out about it than you think.

List of Doctors You Need to See

Are you one of those people like Bruce Karatz who does everything that you can to stay healthy at all times? If you are, you might not realize that you are missing out on something that could lead you to a healthier life. If you are looking to be healthy at all costs then you need to pay attention to a list that has come out that shares ten doctors that you need to see in order to stay healthy.

This list offers a variety of doctors that you need to visit and it shares reasons why you should visit them. You need to keep your body healthy and you can do that by visiting doctors that specify in specific areas. Some of the doctors that are included on this list include optometrist, dermatologist, and more. These doctors are available to help you stay healthy at all times, and they want to keep you at your best.

Tall Men Less Likely to Develop Heart Disease Than Short Men

My best friend Crystal Hunt mentioned a popular song from several years back declared that short people have no reason to live. They do, if for no other reason than to prove to tall people they can do it. According to recent research, a short man will have to try harder than a tall man to live a long life, but it can be done.
Decades of research have shown that taller men earn more money than shorter men, have a wider selection for mates and are literally and figuratively looked up to. The latest good news for tall men is that they are less likely to develop heart disease than short men. No one knows why, but theories are being tested and answers being researched.
It was originally thought that since short men have smaller arteries there is a greater chance of those smaller arteries becoming clogged with plaque, which in turn would cause a heart attack. However, if that theory were true, it would hold true for women who are typically smaller and shorter than men. The smaller artery theory did not pan out so other issues are being researched to discover the answer.
The study showed that for every two and half inches in height, a man has a 13.5 less chance of developing heart disease. How that works remains to be discovered.

Recently Vaccinated People Spread Disease

The Public Health Officials are well aware of this problem and have issued warnings to effect of not letting a recently vaccinated person visit and a child undergoing cancer treatment.

According to Brad Reifler, when a person, young or old, receives a vaccination to prevent them from coming down with an illness. the vaccine itself contains the illness. That’s how vaccines work to protect us – live cultures of a disease, such as measles, polio, chicken pox, rubella or influenza, are injected into the body. The body’s own defense system goes to work to build up a natural immunity to the disease so that when we are exposed to live germs, our immune systems fights them off and prevents us from contacting the disease.
However, because we are in essence a walking petri dish of the illness-causing germs after receiving a vaccination, we can spread the disease.
St. Jude’s Hospital has a statement on their website that warns parents not to permit anyone to visit their hospitalized child who has recently been vaccinated for small pox, MMR or the flu. IN some cases, the recently vaccinated person needs to stay away for up to four weeks.
Children (or adults) undergoing cancer treatment have a compromised immune system and are highly susceptible to catching any illness-causing germ that comes their way. Everyone should stay away from a newly vaccinated person because they can spread the disease they were vaccinated against.

BPA-Free Products Still Cause Health Problems

The product that replaced BPA in the making of plastic is allegedly causing just as many health problems as the BPA (bisphenol-A) did.
BPA is a chemical that mimics estrogen in the human body and causes a variety of health problems. Study results and public demand called for the removal of BPA from plastic products like baby bottles and water bottles, but something had to replace it. That something is BPS (bisphenol-S) and it is having the same negative effect on the heart as did BPA.
A study is underway at the University Cincinnati College of Medicine to discover the effect BPS has on lab rats. The results are almost identical between the two chemicals. The female lab rats are experiencing irregular heartbeats due to the estrogen effect the BPS causes. The BPS is effecting the way the heart muscles store calcium. The muscle cells of the heart are leaking calcium as well as absorbing too much calcium. That in turn creates an irregular heartbeat.
In a previous study conducted on the effects of BPS on humans, it was found that the chemical increases breast cancer cells more so than the old BPA and the new chemical also increases the risk of disrupted brain development of an unborn baby.
Marcio Alaor BMG ( has read that researchers warn us that BPS is not an entirely safe replacement for BPA. Both chemicals can and do cause health problems.

Have You Hear Of Psychiatrist and Author Dr. Daniel Amen?

Dr. Daniel Amen is a widely respected American psychiatrist specializing in treating brain disorders. He is the director of the world famous Amen Clinics, as well as a New York Times bestselling author who has sold thousands of copies of his books.

His clinics offer specialized medical services to those who have problems with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well as other types of psychiatric disorders. Clinic officials use a technique that is known as single photon emission computed tomography (also known as SPECT scans) that can be helpful as a diagnostic tool to find out what Dr. Amen believes are sub-categories of such disorders, as worked out by Dr. Amen himself after many years of research and investigation into the subject. Dr. Amen has done many kinds of studies on such brain injuries including those that are affecting professional athletes and may pose long-term problems for them after they leave the profession. The doctor serves in an official capacity as a post-concussion consultant for members of the National Football League.

The doctor is a native of California and was born in Encino, California to parents who immigrated to the country from their native Lebanon. Dr. Amen received his undergraduate degree in the field of biology from Southern California College in 1978. He then received his doctorate in 1982 in medicine from Oral Roberts University School of Medicine. After the completion of his studies, he did his basic general psychiatric training at the world famous Walter Reed Army Medical Center that is located in Washington, D.C. He later received further specialized training as he completed his child and adolescent psychiatry classes at Tripler Army Medical Center in the Hawaiian city of Honolulu. Dr. Amen was able to complete the necessary two hundred hours of additional training in order to obtain a specialized radioactive materials license that is given from the Institute of Nuclear Medicine Education. After this time, he carried out the entire required thousand hours of highly specialized clinical supervision in reading scans that would provide him with the basis of his training and insights. At present, Dr. Amen holds a double board certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology n the area of General Psychiatry as well as one in the field of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. This training has helped him work with patients and meet their needs for the right kind of psychiatric care.


You can follow Dr. Daniel Amen on Twitter.

North American Spine And The Awards It Wins

According to PR Newswire, the North American Spine has been nominated to receive the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award. The award is a prestigious one that companies are always very honored to receive and are vying with one another to get. It is an award that recognizes a business that use core values in everything that they do. In other words, it is given to companies that show that they have a strong ethical background and are willing to help out their customers with those values.

The North American Spine company does worth in corrective spine surgery performed by the best trained medical professionals in the world. These professionals use the AccuScope procedure to make the surgery as minimally invasive as possible. Patients who have to undergo a spinal surgery are often subjected to a lot of pain as a result of the surgery. However, those who are able to use this procedure may be able to avoid a lot of that pain.

There have already been greater than eight-thousand success stories as a result of this procedure, and that is a number that continues to grow by the day. Those who have this procedure done swear by it and often recommend this procedure to those around them that they know may require this procedure as well.

Larry Gatlin, the country music singer is one of the success stories from the AccuScope procedure. He says that this procedure is one of the things that helped make it possible for him to live the life that he wanted to live once again. If it were not for this, he may not have been able to produce so much of the great work that he has. People love his work, and it would be a shame if he was unable to continue to perform. It is a good thing ethical companies like North American Spine are around to help.

Genetically Modified Mosquitos: What’s Next?

Although the science is there, and we can now genetically modify insects and maybe even animals. Fersen Lambranho wonders: Do we really want to? What would the implications be?

Mosquitos may now be able to cure disease. Scientists are soon to release millions of mosquitos that have been genetically modified. The release is set to occur in the Florida keys, and the purpose is to kill off other insects that spread diseases such as dengue and chikungunya.
This male mosquito is engineered to keep the female from reproducing in the wild. This would significantly reduce the spread of these diseases, and essentially this is the use of a mosquito to cure a disease, says Michael Doyle, head of the Florida Keys Mosquito Control department.
Even so, despite the obvious benefits, many people are wary of releasing genetically modified insects into the wild. So far 130,000 people have signed a petition opposing this release.

Beneful – The Best Dog Food Around

When it comes to feeding your god it can be tempting to just buy whatever is the cheapest and hope for the best. The truth is that different dog foods are made differently and some are better for your dog than others. Beneful brand dog food is a premium blend of everything dogs love and helps to keep them healthy as well. Let’s go over some of the benefits of feeding your dog Beneful.

What is Beneful?

While you probably know that Beneful is a brand of dog food you may not know that it is owned and produced by Nestle Purina Petcare. Not only is it one of the most popular brands of dog food in the world, it is also one of Nestle’s most profitable products as well. In 2012 it was estimated that Beneful brand dog food brings in roughly $1.5 billion dollars annually.

Different Styles of Beneful Dog Food

Like most brands of dog food Beneful comes in wet or dry variants. The dry variant comes in eight different varieties such as Healthy Smile, Healthy Weight, and Playful Life to name a few. The wet variant comes in 20 variants including blends made from chicken, lamb, beef, and more. This gives your dog plenty of choices and help you to make sure you’re feeding your pet something that is both healthy and tasty. Also, Beneful makes dog snacks as well such as twists and biscuits.

A Focus on Health

As you probably guessed from the names of some of the foods above Beneful places a strong emphasis on your dog’s health. With special foods meant to help their teeth, weight, and other factors you can easily find something to suit your pet. Be mindful of which variant you buy your dog, he or she may need a particular type of food for their body or age.

The History of Beneful

Beneful brand dog food was introduced in 2001 and as you’d probably expect it placed a strong emphasis on health and nutrition for your dog. A company representative even mentioned that the name “Beneful” means “full of goodness.” Nestle went with a $34 million dollar ad campaign that made the brand so popular that they were forced to spend another $36 million to keep up with demand for their product. In 2011 Nestle aired an innovative commercial for Beneful which utilized ultrasonic sounds that only dogs can hear.

Professor Mark Ahn and Biotechnology

If you haven’t heard of Mark Ahn, you’re missing out on one of the most profound and knowledgeable leaders of the biotechnology industry. What makes Mark Ahn a leader? He has so much education, experience, and accolades that he simply stands out above the rest. If you haven’t heard of Mark Ahn, you may want to learn more about him and what he’s done for society. You’ll be surprised by the number of contributions he’s made. Here’s a few:1. He’s Served in Numerous Leadership Roles

Mark Ahn’s 20-year career has included many biopharmaceutical companies and academia. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of South Australia, and he is a Principal at Pukana Partners. He is an adjunct at Portland State University and Carnegie Mellon University. He is the President and Chief Executive Officer and Director of Galena Biopharma. Dr. Ahn was the Chief Executive Officer of Hana Biosciences, and he also serves on the public and venture capital-backed Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board. His leadership roles combined are what equates to his success. 

2. He’s Published Countless Articles

Mark Ahn has not only served in a number of leadership roles, but he has also the author of over 50 different peer-reviewed journal articles and books. One of his most popular publications is “Building the Case for Biotechnology.” Some of the other noteworthy publications include “Competency-Based Benchmarking: Revolutionizing Biopharmaceutical Product;” “Negotiating, Power, and Strategic Competition: A Teaching Case;” “Technological Invention to Product Innovation: A Project Management Approach;” and “From Leaders to Leadership: Managing Change.” These are just a few of the articles he’s published during his career, and there are countless others. 

3. He Has Excellent Credentials 

Dr. Ahn received a B.A. and M.B.A. from Chaminade University. He also earned an M.A. from Victoria University before getting a Ph.D. from the University of South Australia. Before the Ph.D., he was a graduate fellow in Economics at Essex University and a Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute class of 2001. Today he is also an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon and Portland State University.

Mark Ahn is a Great Leader of His Time

Mark Ahn is one of the great leaders in the biotechnology industry. He developed a Center for the Civic and Community Engagement at the College of New Jersey (TCNJ). Ahn develops future leaders and will integrate non-profit research and teaching into their course curriculum.