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Gifts to Harvard University Not Applauded By All

The recent gift of $400 Million dollars to Harvard University by hedge fund manager John Paulson has not been received well by all. Mega Gifts To Harvard University Rub Many the Wrong Way Ever since Harvard University announced that it was setting a goal of raising an additional $6 Billion dollars on top of its already existing endowment of $30 Billion dollars, many have questioned why? They point out that Harvard is not suffering for donations and as the cost of colleges increase across the country, other universities and college programs could use the fund instead. Noted Author Malcolm Gladwell and professional Keith Mann has also been a critic of the mega donations for the very same reason. Many familiar with Harvard’s strategy not that Harvard is actually engaging in a smart strategy by securing its position in the future. Many universities are barely able to fund their budgets for the next couple of years while Harvard has been able to secure its position in the academic world for the next fifty years. Harvard is the model for the new super university that not only sees its role as providing quality education but close to a major corporation with a major brand to protect. Some have stated that this detracts from the role of the university, which is to provide education, but others support the move by Harvard as seeing a major corporate entity which provides many services to many people and has the power to be viable for the next fifty years.