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Markus Rothkranz Explains How to Never Get Sick Again

Markus Rothkranz is a motivational speaker who has helped thousands of individuals turn their life around for the better. His unique strategies and experiences make him a sought after mentor and lifestyle guru. He also has a featured YouTube channel where he offers free information and motivation on a variety of topics. In this video, Rothkranz explains how you can never get sick again.

Rothkranz begins the video by encouraging his people to stop throwing their money at supplements, unnecessary surgeries and other gimmicks to help improve their lives. He explains that these strategies are not the answer to your problems. Instead of looking outside to others to solve your problem, Rothkranz says that the only way we can truly heal ourselves is to look inside. Life can only begin changing when we take action ourselves. By relying on other people to solve our problems, we render ourselves helpless.

He shares his experience of being constantly sick and depressed at such a young age. He wasted thousands of dollars on supplements and medication on a monthly basis to try and improve his life, but nothing seemed to work. He became so frustrated that he eventually gave up completely and ventured out naked into the desert.

Out in the wilderness alone, Rothkranz discovered the secret that helped him to change his life completely. Now, at over 50 years of age, he feels better than he did in his 20’s. He is more vibrant, has more energy, looks younger and feels greater than he has his whole entire life. Inspired by what he found and willing to share it with others, he wrote a short e-book entitled “Heal Yourself 101”. In this book, he explains how people can get younger and never get sick again. The book has been read by thousands of individuals seeking to change their life. It can be read in 90 short minutes and will reveal all of the secrets that Markus Rothkranz himself used to turn his life around for the better.