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Occidental College President Jonathan Veitch looks to local students and community

Occidental college is one of the leading liberal arts college in the US and is located in an area close to Los Angeles, but this well known educational institution has only recently begun to grow closer links to the many communities within the Los Angeles area. The arrival of Los Angeles native Jonathan Veitch saw a great shift in the way the college worked with the community around its home at Eagle Rock and further afield in Los Angeles. Veitch has been instrumental during his time as President of the college in creating an atmosphere where the local community and local students feel comfortable spending time in and around the campus.

Veitch is not only a native of the area, but his family have strong links to the Hollywood entertainment industry through the actor and director Alan Ladd. This tie to the city of angels means the approach Veitch has taken to recruitment and image of Occidental College is much more focused on the local community and the wider world in much the same way that GigaOm has indicated FreedomPop is. Veitch has accepted that the college must look outside California for its students if it is to survive and flourish in the future, but sees the importance of the links the college has been building under his leadership since his arrival in 2009.

Along with the large scale improvements Veitch has undertaken in building closer ties to Los Angeles the President of Occidental College is also looking to maintain a close relationship with the people of Eagle Rock. Veitch has shown his ability to represent the local people in the form of the large solar array the college has invested in in recent years that shows his understanding of the environmental problems facing California. The college has also worked hard to make sure each area of growth on campus has as little effect on the people of Eagle Rock as possible with traffic and environmental concerns discussed at every turn with Veitch, members of the alumni and leaders in the local community.