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The Amazing New Visual Search Technology from Slyce

Artificial intelligence is becoming more a part of our daily lives than ever before. Search engines are one of the most widely used forms of artificial intelligence that we use on a regular basis. There are many different image recognition and search engine technologies that come together to make our lives more interconnected. Visual search is a new technology that has really taken our basic searches to a new level of technological advancement. With visual search, it is easier than ever to find the products you are looking for. Being able to search with pictures is the future of search engine technology. Instant gratification is becoming possible for customers who can simply take a picture of a product they enjoy and instantly see many options for purchasing this item online.

Slyce had a very productive year in 2015. Their partnership with, the largest online retailer for shoes, showed great growth potential for this company. This allows users of the Slyce technology to take a picture of women’s footwear either out of magazines or in real life situations. This will then pair the individual up with inventory that can be purchased with just a few easy taps on any smartphone. Slyce has also signed agreements with both Shoe Carnival and Urban Outfitters. These new partnerships are helping Slyce to grow at a more rapid rate than ever before.

Universal Scanner is a new technology that Slyce is implementing in order to create easier matches within visual searches. These new searches with Universal Scanner will make it much easier for retailers and manufacturers to create matches with their products they are offering. Slyce Link is also a very important new technology that Slyce has been working on for the past year. This new Slyce Link technology allows retailers to suggest visually similar products based on the searches that this user has performed in the past. These suggested products can easily be added to any retailers website with a few simple lines of code. This is just one more marketing tool that can be used within the Slyce userbase for retailers to gain a better grasp on their target market.