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Eric Lefkofsky Fights Cancer with Technology

Tempus wants to be the operating system for cancer care. Co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, the company plans to revolutionize not only how everyday patient data is used and stored, but also what types are being utilized. Tempus wants to do through this by making a person’s genetic information a regularly accessed part of their health care.

At a once extremely prohibitive cost over upwards of one hundred million dollars, the cost is predicted to drop to only a few hundred dollars in the foreseeable future. Currently standing at around five thousand, with the help of companies like Tempus, what once seemed straight out of science fiction could be reality. Care could be determined on a molecular level.

A patient’s genetic information is a potential key to find the best treatments available for a particular person’s case and type of cancer. This could also be utilized on a global scale to compare the information from patients and discover links to possible cures. Preventative medicine will also be a huge part of Tempus’ system. By knowing what someone is predisposed to, care can begin before the disease starts.

Tempus’ software is also designed to optically recognize hand-written notes and convert them into utilizable and searchable data. Eric Lefkofsky observed this was a problem when he noticed how much information was lost during his wife’s breast cancer treatments. Very important data was being lost as it was not being saved.

Eric Lefkofsky, a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Juris Doctor, has both success in business and his philanthropic endeavors. Members of the Giving Pledge and having recently donated millions to cancer initiatives, he and his wife are to donate half or more of their assets. Co-founded the Lefkofsky Foundation, the pair fund and assist initiatives that enhance the lives of those in and around the Chicago area. Lefkofsky acts as a trustee at the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago as well as the Museum of Science and Industry.

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Dr. Mark Holterman Expert Individual

Dr. Mark Holterman is a prizewinning pediatric specialist and CEO at Mariam Global Health. Dr. Mark Holterman grew up in Wisconsin. At Yale University he majored in biology. He graduated from Yale University in the year 1980. After graduating at Yale University his education continued at University of Virginia. While attending University of Virginia he ventured into becoming a pediatrician. At University of Virginia he was also involved in a program called National Institutes of Health. The purpose of National Institutes of Health was to help individuals become therapeutic experts. At University of Virginia Dr. Mark Holterman experienced a passion to become a medical practitioner and pediatrician (


A Compassionate Doctor

Once Mark Holterman was finished at University of Virginia he followed the career of becoming an abscission resident. He was an abscission resident at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center. After Dr. Mark Holterman worked at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center he moved to Seattle. When Dr. Mark Holterman moved to Seattle he took on a job as a pediatric operation colleague. At this time he was a pediatric operation colleague at University of Washington’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Center. Eventually, him and his partner Ai-Xuan ventured onward to Quebec, Canada. In Quebec, Canada Mark Holterman worked at Clinical Research Institute of Montrea for 2 years as a research assistant.

Dr. Mark Holterman has over 2 decades of expert knowledge underneath his belt. As mentioned prior he is the CEO of Mariam Global Health, which helps manage ground-breaking therapeutic companies. Dr. Mark Holterman is an instructor at University of Illinois College of Medicine. He also conducts therapeutic analysis at University of Illinois. He is a pediatric physician at several clinic facilities. Dr. Mark Holterman has lectured worldwide, revised therapeutic journals, printed methodical articles, been associated with scholastic information for therapeutic websites, and has written several textbook based chapters. Dr. Mark Holterman belongs to the American College of Surgeons and American Academy of Pediatrics. Currently, Dr. Mark Holterman has 2 therapeutic agencies located in Illinois.

In conclusion, Dr. Mark Holterman is an intelligent individual that has a successful career.