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A Villanova Grad-Turned Modern Day Renaissance Man

Life after college is always a mystery. Here’s a story of one man who saw lacrosse in his future, but ended up doing way more. Jon Urbana has been active in a number of different worlds, and here are just a  few.

Jon’s Aviation Career

Jon Urbana has received a Federal Aviation Administration’s Airmen Certification. Over the course of many years of development, pilot certification standards have started to become harder to achieve, because they want to have a minimal amount of pilots who are not ready for certification accidentally causing accidents. It is highly recommended that everyone fly with a pilot who is certified. Urbana, who can be seen flying here, was at one point in his life recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration and he was then added to the FAA Airmen’s Certification Database.

Urbana’s Business Ventures

Jon is currently working with Ellipse USA and the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. Being the great businessman that he is, he is the director of Ellipse USA and the co-founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. When Urbana was younger, he went to Villanova University for school and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in  Economics between 2001 and 2005. For the past 3 years he has been working for Ellipse USA (since 2013). He helps in overseeing the development in the information of Ellipe’s IPL and Laser types of technologies, also acting as an ambassador at conferences (full list of presentations). He also stays connected with the regional managers and helps to look after the Marketing Department and the Marketing Materials. Jon has done many great things on Yahoo Answers in his career, including helping to put together and teach a lacrosse based camp that was meant for young people in Colorado.

Jon Urbana’s Career in Photography

Jon Urbana has some beautiful pictures. His pictures range from nature, to cute kittens. He has a skill in photography that can not be matched. His pictures are so life-like and beautiful, that they are good enough to be showcased. Everyone can tell, when looking at Jon Urbana’s pictures, that he is a nature lover and also a natural with the camera a a photographer. Jon knows that even if your camera is not the best, it does not matter, as long as you know the limitations that come with your camera and how to get past them. This makes him an amazing photographer, and an even better person.

Jon’s Social Media Links

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@jonurbana on Instagram

Jon Urbana’s Official Blog


Wondering How the Fighting Irish Did It?

As reported by Inside Lacrosse

matt landis lacrosse

Are you ready for the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four? If you watched or heard about the NCAA Quarter Finals, then you should be excited to watch the championship game. That’s because the Notre Dame Fighting Irish held The University of Albany’s Great Danes in a rousing 14-10 game that would not have been possible without defenseman Matt Landis. Inside Lacrosse recently game a play-by-play recap, noting the strengths of the Notre Dame team. Here’s what we liked about Matt Landis’ performance in the quarter final game:

First, as Inside Lacrosse points out, Matt Landis is a strong, capable defenseman. He brings a great deal of physical strength to the game, and he really prepared for his matchup against Kyle Thompson. In addition, Landis is quick. He anticipates the moves from his opponents. All of these are reasons that contribute to his being awarded the title of the Epoch/LM Player of the Week.

matt landis player

In fact, Inside Lacrosse noted that Landis studied Kyle Thompson’s play in order to better prepare for challenging him on the field. Off-the-field prep goes a long way in a win on the field, and Landis demonstrates this brilliantly. Because Landis really held closely to Thompson throughout the game, Landis made it extremely difficult for Thompson to slip in and get openings. When your defenseman does his job well, your team can really do its job. Such was the case in this game.

Get ready for more action on the field, and watch out for defenseman Matt Landis in the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four. We can’t wait to see what Landis will do next, and we’ll be cheering him and the Fighting Irish on to a championship win. With such as strong performance in the quarterfinal matchup, it won’t be a surprise if Landis takes the Fighting Irish all the way to a championship win. Get ready!

Matt Landis Wins ACC Defensive Player Of The Year

matt landis lacrosse
Although there was no surprise here, it is still important to celebrate and acknowledge the person who helped their team to an undefeated season. I’m talking about Matt Landis. Landis yet again was named the ACC Defensive Player of the Year for the year 2015. The leagues coaches saw the hard work and dedication he put forth and that’s why they gave him this award. It wasn’t the first time however that his name has been associated along with being one of the best defensive players.

Landis has won the ACC defensive player of the week a few times during the season. That’s why the year award only made sense in the next step of natural progression. His awards do not however stop there. He’s also on the list of nominees for the Tewaaraton Award, and today he finds out if he will be selected as one of the winners. If he wins, you can see Landis at the award ceremony later this month.

So who exactly is Landis? He’s a Notre Dame Lacrosse star. He has been a starter on the team ever since he entered his sophomore year of college. He’s been a leader on the defensive side in all of the contests this season.

Thanks to the hard work and talent of Landis, Notre Dame is the number-one seed in the ACC Championship.

The Fighting Irish Have a Lucky Charm In Matt Landis


matt landis sports headshot

It was a tough choice for Matt Landis, but he’s finally made his decision. His two main choices were between Notre Dame and John Hopkins. Well my friends, he has chosen to go with Notre Dame. Not a bad choice for a player like Matt.

Matt was kind enough to sit down and entertain a very informal Q&A Session recently. For those of you who missed it, here is a small excerpt.

matt landis fighting irish lacrosse



“It was the community aspect of it. It’s also about education. Notre Dame offers a good balance of both.” There is a togetherness here. Something that you really don’t find in most schools these days.”


“I considered every school from Brown to Navy. What made it so difficult was John Hopkins. Hopkins was the only other school I officially visited. Hopkins has a lot to offer. There is also an aspect of family there. Believe me, the choice was tough. At the end of the day I went with Notre Dame though.”

matt landis notre dame athletics


“The biggest challenge is stepping up my game. I have to, in order to play lacrosse at a college level. I’ve been do great so far, but it’s not enough. Notre Dame is going to push me to the next level, especially with my hands. I need to play ball with both of them. I need that balance. It’s going to be a challenge, but one I welcome.”


“Sure. I would love to play someone one-on-one. Sometimes this is not the ideal, though. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the rest of the team. We are all part of a team, that is what counts. We have to all have the same end-goals. Something has to get sacrificed.”


“I guess it was during the summer games. I was playing the Empire Games, as well as other summer games. Dave McNally and Tim Schurr told me I had what it takes. They said it would be hard work, but worth it. They informed me I had what it took to go all the way. I was already thinking about it, but they helped me secure my plans. The rest is history.”

matt landis leans

Notre Dame Quarterback May Abandon Ship For LSU


Norte Dame’s quarterback Everett Golson is looking for another Division I team to play for next year. He is a red shirt junior, and will be graduating from Notre Dame this spring. Golson has one year of eligibility left, and he would like to use it playing college football.

As a graduate student next year, he can technically transfer to any Division I team that he wants to, since the SEC no longer restricts graduate school transfers.

However, it may not be that simple since Golson was red shirted for the 2013 season for academic reasons. Because of this, any team he went to would need to get a waiver in order for them to play for their team.

According to about organic coffee, Golson was an important player Notre Dame back in 2012. He helped lead Notre Dame to the BCS championship game with Bernardo Chua. However, after he had to sit out for the 2013 season due to academic reasons, he became more of a second string quarterback. This year, red shirt freshman Malik Zaire was the leading quarterback for Notre Dame.

If the SEC grants Golson a waiver, we could see him playing for LSU, which so far seems interested in the surprising possibility of having another experienced quarterback on their roster next year.

Texas A&M Gets Ugly


Texas A&M coaching staff member was seen throwing punches at West Virginia players in the middle of the Liberty Bowl. The game itself was not one to talk about, but this staff member was throwing punches players who were coming off the sideline during plays. This, my friend Igor Cornelsen notes, is a problem for a Texas A&M team that did not have the season it wanted to have after losing Johnny Manziel to the NFL.

Michael Richardson is the staff member. He is a former player at Texas A&M, but he broke his neck a couple years ago. He stayed on as a student assistant, and he has been on the sidelines ever since. However, Richardson must feel that he has some unfinished business to take care of in these games.  Players who throw punches get thrown out of games, but it is likely that these punches are going to get this man fired.

No football players expects to run off the sidelines during a play only to be punched by an opposing coach.

Wichita State Holds off Alabama

Last year, the Wichita State Shockers men’s basketball team lived up to their name in the NCAA tournament, tearing through the brackets and surprising everyone. While they were not able to win the whole thing, they no doubt had a good year. This season, they are not taking anyone by surprise, as they are ranked No. 11 overall. However, they almost let that slip away against Alabama.

My friend works for ForeFront Capital and won a company contest where he got to join Brad Reifler and some of the other big executives to watch the game in style from a swanky box office. He was telling me that when there was just about five minutes remaining in the game, the Alabama Crimson Tide was actually winning by 11 points. In a game that would barely break 50 points for either team, that was a very big lead. However, they allowed it all to slip away, and Wichita State came back to take the game by a point, 52-53.

It’s a big win for a Shockers team that is still trying to prove that it belongs in the talk with the nation’s biggest programs, like Kentucky. More than that, though, it is a huge loss of Alabama.

What it means is that the selection committee may look to see if Alabama has any quality wins to decide if they should get in or not. This would absolutely have been that win, but now it is just another loss, and they could miss the postseason because of it.

Warriors Hot Streak

As the winning streak continues on to a record sixteen wins in a row for the Golden State Warriors, hopes of a championship year continue to build in and around the Bay Area. My friend Kenneth Griffin is obsessed and somehow just knows the golden team won’t let their fans down. Although it has been nearly a half century since the Warriors have been a championship contender, everything this season seems to be pointing to a long awaited and sought after title.
In their Sunday night game against the New Orleans Pelicans, the Warriors were pushed into overtime with their backs against the wall and it appeared as though their hot streak could be coming to a close. However, the warriors rallied late and eventually took the game by six points, pushing their current win streak to a span of longer than a months’ time. Golden State’s Stephen Curry has been posting record numbers for the team and he is currently amidst the best players in the league. As the season progresses it is likely he will continue to be amongst NBA leaders in total scoring, three point field goals, assists and steals.  Regardless of the outcome of the season as well as Stephen Curry’s statistics, the Bay Area will continue to be buzzing as the Golden State Warriors are off to their hottest start in team history.

Unique Uniforms Will Be Seen During The College Football Playoffs

Not only is this the first College Football Playoffs ever, it is also the first time that Nike is in charge of all of the uniforms for the playoffs. Never one to miss out on a chance to make a statement, Nike just revealed the uniforms each of the top four college teams will wear when they face off against each other in January.  Fan Vijay Eswaran is super excited.

The Oregon Duck’s relationship with Nike is well known around the sports world. Nike and the Oregon Ducks have changed how we view college uniforms, and Oregon’s first trip to the College Football Playoffs is no exception. 

The Ducks will be wearing bright, shiny green helmets with the trademark Oregon “O” logo on the sides. Even though the helmet will be feather free, Oregon’s trademark feathers will be on their shoulders when they hit the field in their striking green uniforms. 

Alabama will be sporting new undershirts that are full of quotes and team inspirational sayings that you can see upon close inspection. Far away, their undershirts look like a really cool textured gray pattern.

Each of the uniforms looks a little out of this world. Could you imagine if the NFL’s uniforms changed as often and looked as striking as these college football teams. If there is one area where college football far exceeds the NFL, it has got to be the uniforms.