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What Public Charter Schools Should Do To Improve Their Performance According To Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education is changing lives and revolutionizing the education sector in America. Having started operations about a decade ago in San Jose, California, the chain of schools have made huge investments towards improving the learning processes for its students. Most importantly, Rocketship Education has been empowering and leaving footprints in every community it operates in. Rocketship Education and its management have learned a handful of vital lessons regarding improving education. Some of them are briefly discussed in this article.

The Vital Points to Note for Improved Public Schools’ Performance

First and foremost, Rocketship Education learned that personalized learning is at the heart of education excellence for any students. When properly integrated with technology, personalized learning can improve the performance of a student even more. Rocketship Education advocates for school setup whereby students feel at home.

Rocketship also realized that just like a former US Education Secretary had argued, it is better for public schools to start investing in solid elementary education systems for their kids than investing in system change. That way, more demand would be created in the education sector.

Third in the list of the vital lessons is the fact that public schools cannot grow without empowered and vibrant parents. When parents start pushing for accountability from leaders, the quality of education in America’s public schools will go up.

Rocketship Education believes that integrating students from different cultural and financial background reduces ethnicity and racism. It also understands that hiring teachers of diverse background is impactful. The school adopted the research that had previously found out that even if a school admitted students from all walks of life and failed in achieving teacher diversity, there still would be a feeling of segregation amongst students.

Nothing speaks louder than actions according to Rocketship Education. For anyone to bring change in the education sector, it is almost mandatory that that person walks his or her talk; one must believe in that change fully. A good example of this is public school managers enrolling their kids in the schools they manage.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education operates as a non-profit that has more than 500 staff members. The school largely serves kids born of parents whose financial status is unstable. Rocketship is the institution that is setting the precedence for parents’ integration in school systems.