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94-year-old to Receive College Diploma on Saturday

West Virginia University will hold its commencement ceremony on Saturday, but among the crowd of smiling 20-somethings, there will be one graduate who doesn’t look like the rest. Anthony Brutto will complete his studies at the ripe age of 94. Brutto began his degree nearly 75 years ago.

According to reports Brutto started college fresh out of high school, but he was drafted into World War II, leaving college behind. He enrolled again when he returned home from war, but had to leave because of family obligations.

According to Brutto he had gone back to school often and on since 1946, but life seemed to always get in the way. He’d take a class “here or there”, but work, family and other obligations always seemed to come first. Brutto buckled down in recent years and focused on school.

His dedication will pay off on May 17th. Brutto will receive his Regents Bachelor of Arts diploma. He will walk across the stage, in his complete college gown. Beneful warmly mentioned that family members, including his daughter, will be present when he receives his diploma.