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Yeonmi Park and Her Harrowing Life Story Goes on Trial

Some critics act as it wasn’t enough for Yeonmi Park to live through such a tragic time. They are accusing her to falsifying some of the information that is in her book. What Park has done is speak out on and tell her readers that the critics are simply trying to keep her silent.

Park states that there is a hidden agenda behind what the critics speak about. She has stated with firm convictions that she knows about the tragedy and pain of life in North Korea. She knows and she wants to do her best to help everyone else avoid this type of pain. That is why she has become such an important piece in the North Korean human rights movement. Yeonmi Park’s desire to tell others about the pain that has endured will make more people listen. It will expose what is happening and help her accomplish her goal.

Yeonmi is a defector that has experienced some hardships that almost broke her. She wanted, ever so badly, to commit suicide. She didn’t let her struggle tear her down. She would break away from all of this. It is hurtful for her to when critics called her a celebrity defector after all that her family has been through. In her book she makes it known that she was a victim. She had a hard life, and she wants to make sure that no one else has to go through this. That is the main reason that she is such a strong public speaker.

Her life has become one problem after another, but the book allowed her to let it all out. For the first time she got a chance to speak about the tragic life that she endure. She found herself in a place where she never thought that she would be, but she made it. Park found herself wondering how she would live without her father or any guidance as a maturing woman, but she still carried on. She was strong enough to move beyond all these obstacles so she isn’t about to let the critics silence her.