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Having Problems with Maintaining Your Internet Rankings? Here’s The Solution

The most common question you might mostly come across, asked by online marketers is, “What do I do when my rankings start to drop?” Of course, it becomes quite bothersome when one has to monitor your rankings continuously, in my opinion, as long as your search traffic keeps going up quarterly, you’re fine. Unless it’s a bad link and you are wanting to push down negative search results. Nevertheless, if you still wish to maintain a particular position by keeping track of your rankings, you might want to start with internal linking.

Internal linking is whereby you link one of your web pages to another one. However, the most common mistake that online marketers make with this means is using a rich anchor text. A rich anchor text might not be suitable in case of long tail SEO-related keywords. This is a very effective means of improving your rankings but do not expect immediate results as it takes close to three months or more for internal links to take effect. You can also speed up your site to get better rankings as Google favors such sites. Since users tend to opt for other browsers when they have had a bad experience with a slow loading website, Google will not rank sites that are not up to speed.

One should also avoid building new links to the site that has just dropped in rankings. Instead of doing this one can simply do internal linking. Since Google do not prefer stale, boring pages, you should also ensure that you regularly update your page. You can also maintain traffic to your site by increasing your click-through rate. This is a very impressive means to boosting your rankings, and to also avoid Google from deeming your site as irrelevant.

With the growing use of hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets, it is crucial that you make your site compatible with both portable devices and laptops. This will be a sure way of improving and maintaining your rankings. When it comes to increasing your social shares, it is vital that you ensure your online reputation is well kept, and the only positive material is beaming from all your sites. That is where the Reputation Management Fixers come in.

Sales only happen to marketers who know about helpful online presence management tactics. This guarantees the customers that he/she is someone you can trust and rely on. When your social shares increase, you will eventually receive more traffic as long as your online reputation is well taken care of. This means there are no commitments and at an affordable cost you can have reputation repair services ensuring that only positive things are seen about you.