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Revolutionizing The Food Processing Industry With David McDonald

When it comes to dedication, it is impossible to say that David McDonald lack thereof. Working for OSI Group, which specializes in the meat processors and food supply chain management industry, McDonald has spent over 30 years trying to better the company. His long career was started at a level of a project manager, and currently he serves as the President and the Chief Operational Officer for OSI Group.

McDonald studied animal science at the Iowa State University. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and started his career almost instantly. His main objective is making sure to provide good sustainability for the OSI Group. This is done by going above and beyond to ensure that the logistics put in place are out of this world.

The latest development in his business was a brand new facility of operations in China. McDonald facilitated long-term partnerships in this country, and now his company has a location to hold raw-materials and make products. Besides the enormous logistics center in China, OSI Group also holds 50 facilities in 17 different countries.

McDonald’s most recent endeavor includes purchasing a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods called Baho Food. This is something that this Chief Operational Officer believes will help them establish a broader presence in Europe. The international aspect of this move is gigantic. Baho Food holds multiple subsidiaries in over a dozen different countries in Europe.

McDonald’s career goal has been to serve his customers to the best of his ability. By investing over 30 years in the same company, he has been able to take OSI Group to a new level. This includes great sustainability with large facilities overseas, planned purchases of other businesses such as the Baho Food, and constant customer support to improve their satisfaction.

His company even implements some differentiating elements to their business, such as X-Ray scans that will detect if the food has foreign particles. Thus only providing customers with quality products whose ingredients are going to be 100% verified. With many years left to lead, who is to say where OSI Group President McDonald will take his business next!

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How Sheldon Lavin, The Man Who Has Transformed OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and CEO of OSI Group, a global meat, and food processing company. Before joining the food processing industry, Lavin who holds a degree in finance and accounting was in the banking sector working as an investor. At the time, he was the owner of a financial investing firm. He was the financial advisor to the owners of Otto &Sons the predecessor company to OSI Group.

Lavin was the financial consultant of the firm as the owners needed financing to be able to supply hamburgers to the McDonald Cooperation. In 1975, Lavin became too much involved in the operations of the company and decided to become a member helping the company grow. In 1980, Lavin had gained a 50 percent shareholding in the company. When the remaining business partner retired 13 years ago, Lavin gained full ownership of the company. Sheldon Lavin News.

Lavin exceptional leadership at OSI Group has seen the company grow from a humble domestic food processing company to the now renowned international success company. During his tenure, the company has expanded to Japan, India, Philippines, South Africa, China and Australia and it’s still growing.

Today, the OSI group employs over 20 000 people. The company has also transformed from a domestic burger supplier to a multi-dollar protein supplier in over 17 countries with over 70 locations. Under Lavin’s leadership, the OSI group has received numerous sustainability and environmental awards. In 2015, the businesses man was honored with the lifetime achievement award by RSM US LLP due to his commitment to the Chicago business community.

On February 20, 2016, at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, he was presented with the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. The academy sought to recognize his visionary leadership that has seen the OSI group grow in leaps and bounds and employ thousands of people globally. The award honors visionary people who make their dreams happen through perseverance and persistence. Lavin is a humble man and an active philanthropist. He is a member of McDonald house charities among other numerous charities.

Sheldon Lavin is a true picture of a visionary and a resilient leader. for more.