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Sergio Cortes is Invincible

Impersonating Michael Jackson is a full-time job and no one knows better than Sergio Cortes. He has become one of the most famous American entertainment impersonators of this time. He has excelled in this because he is passionate about what he does. He has provided a lot of MJ fans with a tribute show that is not like anything that they have seen before.

Sergio Cortez is taking this show on the road, and it is aptly titled The Human Nature Experience.” According to, Sergio is doing this to keep the memory of Jackson alive.

There are a lot of people that are interested in seeing what he will be able to do when he goes on tour. He has put together this show with live musician. Cortes is the closest thing that people will get to the MJ experience. No other impersonators even come close. That is why people have to check out this show when he is performing. Sergio Cortes is taking fans to an experience that they have never had before. That is why fans are screaming when they see him in person. That is why the social media world is boosting him up and giving him a lot of very positive online buzz.

The Internet places big part in spreading the word about Cortes and his shows. He is a performer that has a lot of videos posted online. He has been on magazine covers. There has been a ton of buzz about him on YouTube. All of this makes it easy for him to transition out of his native land of Brazil. Fans of the impersonator that is doing his best to provide an honest and pure Jackson tribute are trying to get him on American soil. That would be very impressive since MJ is an American artist.

Fans are really excited to learn that someone is carrying on the MJ legacy through these shows. It has been said that he is doing the best job of all the other impersonators that are performing. He has this confidence that it takes to pull off this type of elaborate performance, and that is why the fans are keeping up with him. He goes all out, and some have even said that MJ would be proud of Cortes and the job that he does. All of the music that he goes through on stage seems like a real MJ performance.

The crowds continues to grow as Sergio continues to build his shows. He is bringing one great performance after another. He performs the big hits like “Billie Jean” and “Smooth Criminal” for lots of hyper fans. The MJ fans go crazy when he performs these songs.

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