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Slyce Is Leading Visual Search Industry With Their Innovative Ideas

Advances In Artificial Intelligence

I’ve heard people talking about the new advances in artificial intelligence, and I have to say that I am shocked at how far this technology has evolved in my lifetime. I never thought I would see a day where we were carrying around these little electronic devices that have so much power to change our lives. We can do all sorts of things with our cell phones and other devices, but one of the most amazing things I wanted to share with you today is the fact that we can do our shopping online with our phones by taking a picture. Can you believe it? We don’t even have to open up a webpage and type in keywords anymore.

Are we spoiled? We have it easy now. Younger generations don’t understand how much trouble it was to go through all of the pages on the web in search of a product that you want to buy. That was a pain! Image recognition companies are relatively new, but they are starting up all around the globe. According to an article from Live Mint, it is a major industry in India and so is eCommerce altogether. These companies are coming out by the second, but only a few of them are actually making truly innovative decisions.

Innovation From Slyce

Have you heard of Slyce yet? You have probably seen their application for visual search, or maybe you have seen what they are doing for other parts of the shopping industry. They also have an application called Snip Snap. This is a popular app among consumers that allows the user to keep and track their coupons by taking a picture of them. It saves the coupon on their smart phone, which is much easier to keep track of, and it makes the consumer feel more organized.

Slyce is one of the leading image recognition companies out there. They started their business in Los Angeles, and they have quickly spread to help bridge the gap between retailers and consumers all around the world. They are working with consumers to bring them great recommendations on the products they are searching for, and they help retailers keep track of the data that comes in from their sales. To Slyce, forming this relationship is easy.