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Charles Koch And Bernie Sanders See The Need For Reforms In The Country

The Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has been spread the reforms message as his main agenda on his presidential campaigns. He says that the country is faced with a chronic imbalance that discriminates the poor against the rich. Bernie Sanders has promised the public that if chosen as the president he will see to it that there are reforms in the country operational model to give everyone an equal right. Recently, the famous industrialist and entrepreneur Charles Koch showed his support for Bernie Sanders policies publicly. Charles Koch said that he too feels that the country needs reforms in its policies and institutions.

According to Charles Koch, the American way gives more privilege to the rich and wealthy at the expense of the poor. Charles Koch goes on to say that state institutions like the judicial system are more inclined to serving the rich better that they serve the poor. He says that such gaps compromise on the integrity of the integrity of not only the judiciary but also of the country as a whole. Charles Koch says that what the nation needs is a visionary leader who will bring positive reforms to the country. A leader who will be able to remove the control of the nations economy from the 1% rich back to the federal government. According to statistics, the American economy depends on 1% of the population who are extremely rich and thus percentage controls the livelihoods of nearly 80% if the population. Charles Koch has already started reforms in some sectors such as the correctional facilities. He has already signed various deals that are meant to initiate reforms in the correctional facilities industry.

Charles Koch is a popular industrialist and the owner of Koch Industries. The Koch Industries are the second-largest privately owned firm by revenues. Charles Koch owns the Koch industries together with his brother, and they control over 42% of the total stake in the company. The Koch brothers and especially Charles, have been known to be political funders for a long time. In the previous election, they were able to raise over $400 million which they channeled into the election cycle. This election period, it has been said that they are planning to release over 900 million to fund campaigns at different levels. Now that Charles Koch has shown support for Bernie Sanders policies, it is expected that he will be one of the beneficiaries of the loot. Bernie Sanders has already benefited from the public endorsement from Koch, which will play well for his supporters.