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The Legacy of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey and developed his interest on computers in the fourth grade, which led him to start a database computer company when he was in high school. He enrolled in Harvard University in 1984 to study English and American literature and later became an editor with “The Harvard Crimson” though he took evening programming classes at MIT. It was not until 1991 when he founded the People Doing Things (PDT) that his work found a place in the interactive platforms in digital evolution. After merging his first company with the U.S. Interactive LLC, he founded Starbright World and was later recognized by the president.

He is the current chairman of the Board of Governors at ServiceMesh Inc., and he also serves as the vice president as well as general manager at Computer Sciences Corporation. He authored Computer Sciences Corporation’s creation that lead to the delivery of cloud offerings in organizations, which brought about IT-as-a-Service that is operated both internally and externally through the server platforms. This not only increased productivity but also came with lower costs. He has also served as Secretary and Chief Technology Officer Software at Santa Monica Media Corporation. 

Eric Pulier has co-founded several companies in the software and digital interactive industry including Interactive Video Technology, U.S. Interactive, Inc., SOA Software, and Desktone. He has in the past been selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to implement the Presidential Technology Exhibition and was at one time the vice president’s advisor on National Health Care on Family Reunion conferences. He also happens to be a member of the Progressive Policy Institute Economy Task Force and Clinton Global Initiative that deals with telecommunication management. Eric Puller has served as Director of several companies including MediaPlatform Inc., Gluecode Inc., AppSense Inc., MPOD Inc., Center for Telecom Management, ARTISTdirect Inc., and Exist Corporation as well as the Enterprise Leadership Council. He also appears in the top 30 list of e-Visionaries as captured by VAR Business, and this has made him a popular public speaker in most technological conferences. Eric Pulier is a philanthropist having donated with several non-profit organizations including the X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle, both of, which he is part of the Board of Governors.