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North Carolina Central University Accused of Reverse-Racism

A historic black college has been accused of discrimination, and the employees claim there has been retaliation.

Marianne Murphy, Frank Smith, and Kimberly Luse, former North Carolina Central University employees are claiming their employees practiced reverse-racism.

All three individuals, Frank Smith, who is White, Marianne Murphy, Cuban-American, and Kimberly Luse, who is White, have filed lawsuits, and the University of North Carolina Board of Governors are also named in the suit.

Murphy, a former NCCU tenured professor claims she was overlooked for promotions, and paid less than her African American co-workers, whom she argues, were less qualified.

Smith, allegedly was let go due to restructuring, and then a black professor succeeded him.

Luse was the chancellor’s chief of staff, and she reported the chancellor, Debra Saunders-White, for misusing university funds.

According to Daniel Amen, after reporting the chancellor, Luse was “tormented,” and made the work environment hostile.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have given approval for Murphy and Smith to proceed with their lawsuit.

The NCCU spokeswoman, Ayana Hernandez, denies all the allegations.