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Living on Venus May One Day Be Possible

NASA has recently been getting its nose stuck into a rather exotic area. This is the concept that humans may one day live on the planet Venus. Yes, this is the same planet which is capable of melting lead and crushing you to a pancake simply under the weight of its atmosphere.

So how on earth would life even be partially conceivable in such a ridiculously hostile environment? The answer is airships. These airships would be suspended at a certain point within the atmosphere which has an atmospheric pressure close to that of the earth.

But why would you ever want to send anyone to live on Venus even if you could? Dave and Brit Morin do not see the point just yet. After all, its not exactly like you can just get out and go for a walk if you are getting bored. The purpose of the endeavour would be to make scientific advances into the atmosphere of Venus.

The airship itself is planned to be roughly twice the length of your standard Boeing 747. This would be topped with an absolutely astounding one thousand metres squared of solar panels. This would then have a gondola suspended from it which would contain all of the instruments as well as a small living space which would be suitable for human survival.

It would also include a vehicle used to jump up to an orbiter for the return journey.

Test Fight of the Orion Multi-Person Crew Vehicle Was a Success!

According to The Guardian, At proximately 7 a.m., NASA launched an unmanned space capsule using the Delta IV heavy rocket.The purpose of this launch was to test the flight characteristics of the Orion space craft.

This is the one of many research projects designed for NASAs first manned missions to Mars. It will be very exciting for Jared Haftel when people are finally on this. Future missions for the Orion will be launched by the new Space Launch System. The SLS is NASAs largest heavy-lift rocket ever designed. The Orion, when combined with the SLS, will be a part of the new Exploration Mission-1. This mission will be human kinds’ first efforts for explorations of another planet.

According to Wikipedia ‘ ‘ the first manned mission is expected in 2018. For the first time in history human beings are going to have their chance to ‘Boldly go where no man has gone before’.