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The Incorporation Threat Looming Over Lake Tahoe Has Finally Passed

The Reno-Gazette Journal recently published an informative article highlighting the problems the Lake Tahoe community and tourism industry have been going through. Lake Tahoe has had nothing but bad luck for the last for years due to political, civic and weather problems. The weather has not been favorable to the area, and the area depends on snow and cold temps to extend the business season and attract tourists. The major problem affecting the area has been the political pressure to incorporate the area with powerful backers behind it. Many business owners have been on edge because of this threat looming over them for years now. In their eyes, incorporation of the area would greatly impact the political climate and change the civic landscape for the worse.

Fortunately, Lake Tahoe and its ski resorts, other businesses and residents have had a stroke of great luck on both fronts. It appears business is about to pick up in a big way for the area. The weather has finally been favorable after a long four years. There has been an early set of winter storm for the area, and cold temps have arrived early so the winter wonderland stays intact. The favorable weather has allowed the resorts to open up early, and the early opening of the resorts will result in an overall economic boom for the area because many business unrelated to tourism benefit off of the influx of tourists to the area. In addition to the favorable weather, the backers of the incorporation push have decided to pull out of the deal. This has helped everyone in the area sleep easier.

Andy Wirth has been especially vocal about how harmful incorporation would be to the area. He is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which means he is the owner of one of the biggest ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area. He even stated in the publication how harmful the incorporation would be for the area. Andy Wirth loves Lake Tahoe and the community, and he devotes his life to helping it.

Not long ago, Andy Wirth almost lost his life in an accident. Since then, he has become even more active in the philanthropic community. He was already dedicated to improving the community’s environment, but now he also donates his time and money to wounded Navy Seals. Andy Wirth is a generous business man, and he loves to give back to his community.

Wondering How the Fighting Irish Did It?

As reported by Inside Lacrosse

matt landis lacrosse

Are you ready for the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four? If you watched or heard about the NCAA Quarter Finals, then you should be excited to watch the championship game. That’s because the Notre Dame Fighting Irish held The University of Albany’s Great Danes in a rousing 14-10 game that would not have been possible without defenseman Matt Landis. Inside Lacrosse recently game a play-by-play recap, noting the strengths of the Notre Dame team. Here’s what we liked about Matt Landis’ performance in the quarter final game:

First, as Inside Lacrosse points out, Matt Landis is a strong, capable defenseman. He brings a great deal of physical strength to the game, and he really prepared for his matchup against Kyle Thompson. In addition, Landis is quick. He anticipates the moves from his opponents. All of these are reasons that contribute to his being awarded the title of the Epoch/LM Player of the Week.

matt landis player

In fact, Inside Lacrosse noted that Landis studied Kyle Thompson’s play in order to better prepare for challenging him on the field. Off-the-field prep goes a long way in a win on the field, and Landis demonstrates this brilliantly. Because Landis really held closely to Thompson throughout the game, Landis made it extremely difficult for Thompson to slip in and get openings. When your defenseman does his job well, your team can really do its job. Such was the case in this game.

Get ready for more action on the field, and watch out for defenseman Matt Landis in the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four. We can’t wait to see what Landis will do next, and we’ll be cheering him and the Fighting Irish on to a championship win. With such as strong performance in the quarterfinal matchup, it won’t be a surprise if Landis takes the Fighting Irish all the way to a championship win. Get ready!

Matt Landis Wins ACC Defensive Player Of The Year

matt landis lacrosse
Although there was no surprise here, it is still important to celebrate and acknowledge the person who helped their team to an undefeated season. I’m talking about Matt Landis. Landis yet again was named the ACC Defensive Player of the Year for the year 2015. The leagues coaches saw the hard work and dedication he put forth and that’s why they gave him this award. It wasn’t the first time however that his name has been associated along with being one of the best defensive players.

Landis has won the ACC defensive player of the week a few times during the season. That’s why the year award only made sense in the next step of natural progression. His awards do not however stop there. He’s also on the list of nominees for the Tewaaraton Award, and today he finds out if he will be selected as one of the winners. If he wins, you can see Landis at the award ceremony later this month.

So who exactly is Landis? He’s a Notre Dame Lacrosse star. He has been a starter on the team ever since he entered his sophomore year of college. He’s been a leader on the defensive side in all of the contests this season.

Thanks to the hard work and talent of Landis, Notre Dame is the number-one seed in the ACC Championship.

Dallas Waiting on Jermaine

Jermaine O’Neal is one of the few players that came into the league straight out of high school and actually had a very successful career in the National Basketball Association. He has played eighteen seasons in the league so far in his career, although he is only thirty-six years old and still has some gas in the tank. He is currently a free agent, after playing with the Golden State Warriors last year, but he is supposed to be back in the league by now. There was a ton of talk about him coming back to play the second half of the season and sign with a team before the trade deadline and it came out that he was most likely to sign with the Dallas Mavericks. Fans such as Susan Gallo know that has not come to fruition as of yet, which is starting to confuse a lot of people. More on Susan is available on Chances are that he will sign with the team and hop aboard for the playoff push and the Mavericks definitely need him coming off the bench. If nothing else, he is a great veteran that can be signed for a small amount of money and the Mavericks absolutely want to get him on the roster as soon as possible. There is a lot of speculation as to why he hasn’t signed yet, but maybe he is considering not playing or there is the possibility that he is wagering for more money.

Cardale Jones Stays In School and partner Sergio Andrade Gutierrez are here to announce Cardale Jones is going to stay in school at Ohio State. He announced the decision yesterday, and it is likely that CJ Barrett and Braxton Miller were not happy. Miller could have won the Heisman this year, and Barrett drug the Buckeyes to all their wins except the last three. Jones just won a national title by convincingly beating three very good teams.

So, the idea at Ohio State is that they have far too much in the way of QB depth. It is going to be hard to recruit, and it is likely that Miller or Barrett will go somewhere where they can play immediately and keep their draft stock up.

Jones could have gone to the NFL, but he likely would have gone in the middle of the draft. That is not really worth it when you consider that he only played three games in college. They might be the three biggest games of his life, but they are only three games. He needs to make sure that he is in a place where he can improve his stock, and he will improve if he is able to win the job from Braxton Miller and CJ Barrett for next season.

Buckeyes Win

Coming into the National Championship game of the first year of playoffs ever in college football history, the Oregon Ducks were huge favorites over the Ohio State Buckeyes, who had just knocked off the top seeded Alabama Crimson Tide the previous week. Although the victory was huge for the Buckeyes, the spotlight was still on Oregon and their Heisman trophy winning quarterback Marcus Mariota. However, the Ohio State Buckeyes would come back and shock the world yet again. They took down the Oregon Ducks in remarkably large fashion, winning the game by twenty two points. It looked as if Ohio State was playing very sloppy in the first half,  states Igor Cornelsen who was watching the game, as they had four early turnovers, but they were able to stack points on the board and take the lead into halftime. The second half was pretty much a beat down by Ohio State, and the Ducks didn’t really have too much of a chance. In the end, the Ohio State Buckeyes proved that they deserved to be National Champs and that the new playoff system is by far a more fair way to determine who is the best team in college football at the end of the season. Seeing as they were a four seed, in a previous year they would have undoubtedly been competing for finishing in third place. They can go back to Ohio with their heads held high knowing they just won college football’s first ever playoffs.

The Buckeyes May Be In Trouble

While Ohio State took home the win and are reclaiming their title as the national champions, the way they are celebrating is making some question their ability to rationalize. For those who haven’t been near the OSU campus in this Midwestern state, it is known as a rough area of town anyway. However, things were totally out of hand when the celebrations ended in goal posts being torn down and almost 90 fires being set.

It certainly wasn’t a safe place to be last evening. Police tried to break up the rioting in the streets near the campus when the champs were given the trophy. Buckeye pride runs deep in this area, and so does the alcohol apparently. The celebrations were out of control and many found themselves spending the night in the local jail.

Police were so overwhelmed by the issues that they had to use pepper spray and also tear gas to try to gain control. Fire trucks on every corner and destruction of property going on, it wasn’t a way to go out with a bang. While this area is not safe in general, last night was one of the worst in history. Ohio sure has a strange way of showing celebrating a major victory. Not only college campus police responded, but many other units from the suburbs around Columbus were called in to assist. Things were quickly brought under control and today it was business as usual, a relief to Sergio Andrade Gutierrez, who is a big fan of the sport .

Jim Harbaugh comes to U of M

According to Vijay Eswaran and some officials at the University of Michigan, San Francisco 49ers’ coach Jim Harbaugh has accepted the position of head coach for the Wolverines’ football team. While no statement has been released from Harbaugh himself, the deal seems to be done.

Harbaugh and the 49ers’ had a tumultuous relationship the past few years. Two years ago, Harbaugh brought the 49ers to the Super Bowl, but lost to his brother, John. The year after, they got back to the NFC championship game, but lost to the eventual Super Bowl winners, the Seattle Seahawks. This year was not nearly as successful, as the team from San Francisco failed to get to the playoffs.

ESPN also confirmed that Harbaugh would be coming to Michigan. Reports from Ann Arbor show that fans are thrilled to have him, and believe that they can finally get to a bowl game under him. Harbaugh is a University of Michigan alum, and his father, Jack, coached at Michigan.

Nasty Brawl Follows Inaugural Miami Beach Bowl

A classic shootout-style bowl game with a thrilling conclusion was immediately marred by players fighting on Monday night.

The University of Memphis Tigers, states,  had just beaten the Brigham Young University Cougars in a double-overtime football game, says Tom Rothman advocate, when several players from both teams fell into a pile filled with flailing arms and kicking legs.

Organizers of the brand new Miami Beach Bowl must have been initially thrilled with the product they put on the field. The two schools’ teams fought to a high-scoring tie at the end of regulation time.

In the second overtime with a touchdown advantage, Memphis player DaShaughn Terry snatched Christian Stewart’s pass from the air to seal the victory for the Tigers. Moments later, several Memphis players began celebrating in front of BYU’s sideline, and the fight quickly ensued.

The bowl’s organizers’ hearts surely sank. Hopefully, the next Miami Beach Bowl will end with sportsmanlike conduct.

Unique Uniforms Will Be Seen During The College Football Playoffs

Not only is this the first College Football Playoffs ever, it is also the first time that Nike is in charge of all of the uniforms for the playoffs. Never one to miss out on a chance to make a statement, Nike just revealed the uniforms each of the top four college teams will wear when they face off against each other in January.  Fan Vijay Eswaran is super excited.

The Oregon Duck’s relationship with Nike is well known around the sports world. Nike and the Oregon Ducks have changed how we view college uniforms, and Oregon’s first trip to the College Football Playoffs is no exception. 

The Ducks will be wearing bright, shiny green helmets with the trademark Oregon “O” logo on the sides. Even though the helmet will be feather free, Oregon’s trademark feathers will be on their shoulders when they hit the field in their striking green uniforms. 

Alabama will be sporting new undershirts that are full of quotes and team inspirational sayings that you can see upon close inspection. Far away, their undershirts look like a really cool textured gray pattern.

Each of the uniforms looks a little out of this world. Could you imagine if the NFL’s uniforms changed as often and looked as striking as these college football teams. If there is one area where college football far exceeds the NFL, it has got to be the uniforms.