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An Angel Investor-Sultan Alhokair

Sultan Alhokair is a business student and is an angel investor based out of Boston. He is a major project manager where he works the Retail Group of America. He also is a business analyst and a partner with Valia Investments. Sultan Alhokair graduated from Northeastern University where he studied Business Management and Family Business Management. His interest in angel investing came from his interest in people behind the money.
With Alhokair’s knowledge of business, besides being the Project Manager of Retail Group of America, he also provides retail services to many fashion companies and advises business managers on branding and sales. Sultan Alhokair looks for many new and exciting retail opportunities.
Sultan Alhokair heads up a company called Valia Investments which helps new businesses start up with seed funding. Sultan Alhokair backs them financially and gives them business guidance. He discovers recipients by studying the business start-up systems. Sultan Alhokair keeps factors like profitability and sustainability in mind before qualifying the business for funding. He looks into every part of the company.
Business ventures rely on angel investors to help them fund their businesses financially. This is what Sultan Alhokair does with these companies. Most angel investors like Sultan Alhokair, do not want to hold the companies hand. They study the company to be sure they are prepared for success. This ensures that the angel investors get back as much as they have invested in the company and more.
Sultan Alhokair has branched out with the Fawaz Alhokair Group. This is one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It focuses on the business sectors of real estate and retail. Alhokair is always looking to diversify into other business sectors. Sultan Alhokair has diversified his coverage into other businesses like real estate, construction, health care and hospitality. The group operates in 16 countries and operates stores that represent more than eighty international brands. Connect with Sultan via linkedIn and twitter.