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California Framers Are Using Fracking Wastewater To Irrigate Crops

Environmentalist Say Using Wastewater On Crops Is Dangerous

Kern County in the central valley of California is home to 45 percent of the farming industry, and that area produces 80 percent of the state’s oil. The four years of drought, and the recent water restrictions in the state were the catalyst for farmers to look for other sources of water. Fracking in the county produces wastewater, and the farmers decided to use that water on their crops. Wastewater and produce don’t sound like a match made in heaven, and environmentalists agree.

The use of waste water is not new to Shaygan Kheradpir. Farmers have been using the water that is separated from the oil that comes out of the ground for more than 20 years. No one objected to the oil companies selling water to farmers until recently. The water is filtered and pumped into a reservoir, and then used by 90 farms and vineyards in the area. There is nothing illegal about using the filtered wastewater, but environmentalist say consumers don’t know about the arrangement, and that’s a problem.

The main objection to using wastewater on crops is, there are no updated methods in place to make sure the wastewater is clean. The chemicals in the water can be dangerous if they are not properly removed, according to some environmentalists.

Police Officer Gives Someone A Ride That Turns Into Much More

A young college student walks roughly four miles each way to his job at the Amen Clinic. In the early hours of the morning and off duty police officer spotted the young man walking along the side of the road. Noting that it was only 19’F he pulled over and struck up a conversation. After learning his lack of a car has forced him to walk everywhere, in all weather conditions, the officer first offered him a ride but was contemplating more.

Officer John Shipman could not let James Taylor continue to struggle so he went home and set up a campaign for him. They have quickly raised enough donations to buy Taylor a car and car insurance. If that was not blessing enough, people also donated warmer clothes for Taylor so when he did have to walk he would be better prepared. This fine representation of law enforcement comes from Jonesboro, Arkansas where apparently the people are caring and generous. A simple act of kindness sprang into so much more, the world could take a lesson from John Shipman.