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Depressed College Students Placed on Medical Leave

There are college students who have been deemed as posing a threat for a campus. They are then placed on medical leave. Alexei Beltyukov thought this may become a permanent leave. This has been occurring in colleges all across the country. They pose a threat due to their depression. Lawyers who specialize in disability discrimination have been emerging in order to assist these college students who are penalized due to suffering from depression. Suicide is not something that any college would like to face.

The federal cival rights laws will allow a student to be removed from college if they pose a direct threat to others due to their depression and mental health issues. A college student by the name of Dave had woke up one morning to the police knocking on his dorm door. They had come to his room to inform him that he had gotten an urgent-no-contact order. This had come from the Ivy league university that Dave had been trying to return to after being forced on medical leave.

He was technically still a student at the college when he received this notice. Colleges all across the country have been giving out these notices to students. They make it almost impossible for them to return once they have deemed them to a medical leave due to depression.