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Michel Terpins, Prepared to take The Lead

Michel Terpins is the well-earned leader in Brazilian rally driving. His team of Bull Sertões, comprised of himself, his brother Rodrigo, and Maykel Neder Justo have had a great amount of experience recently in the Prototypes T1 category. With Michel driving, and Justo navigating the duo have taken the T-Rex, which is their racing vehicle to all new heights. After having to navigate through very rough terrain, the team adjusted their approach, and are ready to take on the 25th Sertões Rally. This is the longest course of this type in Brazil, stretching over 3,000 kilometers. The team, exercising good judgment and new experiences in the 22nd and 24th Sertões Rally, are anticipated to take the win this year.

Michel Terpins has been involved in racing and motorsports for quite some time. He started out with motorcycles and eventually moved into off-roading in cars. Since 2002, he’s won many different races and titles and is regarded as a leader in Brazilian cross-country rallying.

As previously mentioned, his current racing vehicle, the T-Rex, was built for him by MEM Motorsport. The car has a V-8 engine and is designed to handle all types of difficult terrain, for long distance racing. The T-Rex has assisted Terpins and his team in winning the Mitsubishi Rally Challenge, and the Brazilain Championship. The Bull Sertões team has specifically been working on safety measures to make the race more tolerable through any type of terrain they may face on the course.

At 40 years old, Michel Terpins is certainly a well-respected racing figure in Brazil. With the endorsement of a country with such passion as Brazil, he’s in good a good position to take the victory. With the additional support and tweaking of making his racing vehicle safer, and having Justo to assist him, he’s bound to make his country and family very proud.