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Securus Hopes Shame Global Tel Link Into Changing Their Ways

Securus Technologies recently released a scathing report that highlights the lack of integrity and highly unethical behavior by Global Tel Link an inmate communications provider. Securus plans to release a series of articles over the next six months that will bring to light many of the unethical acts of Global Tel Link in an effort to shame the company into acting in a more ethical manor.

The first of these reports is a summary of a report issued by the Louisiana Public Service Commission on January 21, 1998. This indicates a pattern unethical behavior that goes back nearly two decades at Global Tel Link.

The report by the Louisiana Public Service Commission brings to light the unethical behavior Global Tel Link while the company provided outbound call services for thousands of inmates incarcerated in Louisiana Department of Corrections facilities. Many of the actions committed by Global Tel Link in the 17 page report by Louisiana Public Service Commission will be listed below.

The report showed that Global Tel Link phones used by correctional institutions were programmed to add either 15 or 36 seconds to the length of each call. Global Tel Link programmed their phones to rate calls at a higher rate than what was permitted under the rate caps set by the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

Global Tel Link was also found to be artificially inflating charges to its customers by adding various sums of money to calls it processed after the calls were rated. Anther infraction Global Tel Link was found to be engaged in was the practice of double billing customers for calls. The report concluded that the taxpayers of Louisiana were overcharged $1,243,000 by Global Tel Link.

Securus Technologies hope to use these reports to shame Global Tel Link into acting with more integrity in the future. I for one hope they are successful in influencing Global Tel Link to change their behavior.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Freedompop Wireless Launches into The UK

FreedomPop Wireless is a US mobile operator that has made the leap across the Atlantic to offer those on a budget affordable cell phone services. They are rivaling competitors such as Tesco Mobile and the infamous Talk Talk services.

The first phase has been set up in the UK. However, their venture-backed capital plan still is in the early phases. Unlike in the US, in Europe FreedomPop will offer a set-up fee to their customers of seven dollars. Consequently, this is a one-time charge because their basic monthly services will be free. That will give them 200 minutes to call, and text and then 200 MB of data. To make it easy to understand, that will give each client about 100 web pages to surf each month.

Their desire is to sell additional packages to their customers that are ranging from $5 per month to $17. These packages on will be available for purchase after a subscriber has used up their free services. Another benefit to their service will be the ability to earn free minutes. Though this is not available in the US, Europeans will be able to complete marketing surveys to gain additional minutes.

The company, like those of its competitors, will operate off of a MVNO, or Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Because of the fact that they won’t have their own infrastructure, they will be able to offer price-sensitive products. The reduction of overhead is a major advantage for their clientele. In the US FreedomPop uses Sprint’s massive network for their customers. However, in England they will use the Three Network to offer their subscribers services.

Stephen Stokols is the founder and CEO of the company. In the US Market, their customers don’t always buy extra minutes. In fact, only about half of their customer base buys the additional packages. In the UK, they only need about 50,000 subscribers to produce a positive cash flow situation. That’s not a difficult task since so many people are looking into cost-effective cell phone solutions. Though they have some direct competition already established, the new man in town always gets some attention initially.

He tried to start the company in the European market when they first began back in 2011. However, the board rejected any proposals for service in this area due to telecoms giant retail arm. Mr. Patterson has been an adviser for FreedomPop since its inception; however, he stepped down when the plans lead to a launch in the UK. This is due to the fact that company he works for will be in direct competition with his current company.

FreedomPop Data Will Save You Money For Beer

In the modern world, people have found that it is very important to stay connected with others. The ability to communicate directly with people is incredibly helpful. A commuter can call his wife to tell her he’s stuck in traffic and will be slightly late getting home.  A mom can call her husband to tell him she’s food shopping and ask him what he would prefer to have dinner. Parents can stay in touch with their kids at school at all times. Someone may not always need to have connections every single second of every day but may it highly useful in the event of an emergency of some kind such as flat tire. All this because of wifi and cell phone services.

There are many ways of having the kind of mobile service and internet connections that people want and need. The kind of service that any one person needs will greatly vary. Someone may spend a great deal of time on the road each day and thus need to be able to maintain contact with others at all times. This person will have vastly different data, internet access and mobile needs that someone who spends more time at home and may have fewer commitments and less need for such services.

Many companies have rushed to help their customers be able to get the kind of plan that is best for their highly specific and individualized needs. One such company is FreedomPop. Every FreedomPop review I’ve ever read has said amazing things about this service. This company was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2011 to help fill in the gaps between the kinds of plans that are are available and the with varied budgetary needs. Those who sign up with this company have been pleasantly pleased to find that the company offers a wide range of products and services for nearly any kind of budget and data plan need their customers may have.

FreedomPop offers all of their customers many kinds of data plans. Each particular plan includes a wide range of options that the user can pick from to find one that is right for their needs. Some of the users of this company’s services have found that they are able to get access to a data provide provider at very minimal cost. This can be ideal for the light user in need of only some access each month. Others who need more access to mobile data have been able to take advantage of the company’s notable low cost service plans.

Microsoft Giving Out Free Upgrades to Windows 10

Microsoft wants to fight piracy promising to upgrade computers to Windows 10 for free for computers that have illegal copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

This is a big change in company strategy. Previously, Microsoft was fighting piracy with verification systems to determine if the software was legal and limit functions in specific Windows PCs.

As Sergio Cortes ( has learned, past January, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will offer a free update for all users with Windows 7 and Windows 8. However, this time nothing was mentioned about pirated versions.

This does not mean that everyone with versions of this type may be updated at any time, as the company announced it will offer free update only during the first year of availability of Windows 10.

Microsoft hopes to legitimize all recent Windows PCs, as some studies have concluded that three quarters of the software in PCs today is not under an appropriate license, particularly in countries like China.

Although the Reuters report focuses on upgrading to Windows 10 for China, Microsoft confirmed that this will happen globally.

Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be out in 190 countries in 111 languages ??this summer.

BlackBerry Announces a Tablet Made By Samsung

BlackBerry just announced its first tablet in years, and it didn’t even make it. The SecuTablet is anew super-secure version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S 10.5. Unlike other companies who might create a tablet similar to one already on the market, BlackBerry isn’t making any secret of the fact that its new tablet is actually a Samsung tablet.

As Sergio Cortes understands it, the hope is that the SecuTablet will bring in customers who need super secure tablets, but want the experience of an Android tablet like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S. The tablet has built-in security software that prevents outsiders from hacking into your tablets content or pulling data off the tablet should it fall into the wrong hands. In general, it works just like the Galaxy Tab S, except with extra security features. It also has a much higher price tag. The SecuTab is expected to sell for roughly $2400, making it more a device for governments and high-powered executives than average consumers.

BlackBerry has had a rough few years. It’s sales have swindled to a point that the company is facing extinction. This could be something to help put it back on the map, or potentially the final nail in its coffin.

Apples New Game Changer

Hoping to win over the precious real estate on your wrist, Apple released the Apple Watch today. The watch is the first new product launch from Apple since 2010, and many speculate this could be a game changer in the wearable tech market. Unlike most watches, this one doesn’t just tell you the time but can also tell you when appointments are coming up based on your calendar events. You can receive alerts of texts messages, emails, and phone calls just to name a few. When an alert comes through the person wearing the watch will feel a gentle tap on their wrist.


Dan Newlin has read that the Apple Watch can also replace your health and fitness tracker. Unlike most health trackers on the market that only track the quantity of sleep and activity this watch also monitors the quality of your activity. By using their fitness app, Apple can give you personalized goals based on what it learns from your movements over time.


There are many styles and colors to choose from starting at $349. Their Sport model comes in silver or space gray with many colorful wristband choices. The stainless steel design is stylish and offers the largest variety of band choices including link or leather options. The Apple Watch Edition is their higher end product and includes 18-k gold case in either yellow or rose tone. With so much variety, there is a watch style available for every personality.


New York’s Pay Phones to Have Wi-Fi

Wi-fi has become very prevalent throughout the globe, as networks are put into place in homes, offices, or even cafes to deliver the services that everybody needs at every opportunity.

Mayor de Blasio has decided to change old pay phones in New York district into Wi-Fi hotspots. The plan met with unanimous approval from the review committee which will see the administration installing thousands of Wi-Fi zones in public areas around New York over the next decade.

After much deliberation the committee had last month chosen CityBridge which is composed of a group of companies which includes major brands like Titan and Qualcomm as well. These companies will now help develop the project to prove free domestic calls, internet access and charging stations for mobile handsets.

The project is expected to cost CityBridge close to $200 million to complete the project.

By providing faster internet access, it is predicted that it will help the committee generate more in term of revenue through digital displays.

Mayor de Blasio during his address to the media, said that “every New Yorker stands to gain from this historic result that will make New York City a global leader in free wireless access at super fast speeds”.

Ipod Classic Still Sells For Big Bucks

While you can’t deny the ipods place in music history you also can’t deny that with all the new gadgets available for music storage the ipod has run its course, yet today Ipod classics are selling online for big bucks and one can’t help but think the music players aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

The biggest reason for the discontinuation of the ipod can be explained with the launch of the iphone 6 and 6 plus which both offer 128gb of storage and the fact that the parts are becoming harder to come by it just makes sense for Apple to move on from the ipod and focus on bigger and better things. 

While it looks like the ipod is about to take its place in history next to walkmen and portable cd players it’s also safe to say that for now if anyone is still interested in buying and ipod classic they can expect to shell out anywhere from $250 to close to $1000 bucks. That’s enough money to warrant healthcare specialist Brian Torchin hanging around nearby if you’re selling one of these – people can get pretty crazy over pricey tech items.