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Tracing the Involvement of Eric Pulier in Government and Philanthropic Initiatives

Eric Pulier is an acclaimed columnist, entrepreneur, published author, technologist, philanthropist and public speaker. He is also known for having founded and co-founded more than ten companies, as well as raising millions of dollars to support his business ventures. Some of the ventures under his name include US Interactive, Digital Evolution, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, ServiceMesh, Akana, Desktone and Media Platform among others.


Eric Pulier’s education background can be traced back from Teaneck High School, where he graduated in 1984. Later on, he joined and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a BA in english and American literature. While at Harvard, Pulier not only attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology but also served as the editor and writer of the Harvard Crimson Weekly.


Association with the Government


During the commemoration of Clinton and Al Gore’s 2nd inauguration, Pulier was selected to oversee the Bridge to the 21st Century. He was charged with the role of managing the multi-day event that attracted members of the US Supreme Court, senate and congress. Pulier appeared on nearly all news station in the US.


Pulier described the events while walking cameras through many exhibit tents. He also organized a live-feed from the space shuttle. The feed comprised of real-time engagements with astronauts. After the culmination of the event, Pulier remained a close ally of Al Gore. In fact, he was largely involved in the healthcare and technology committees and spoke at the Family Reunion Conference.


Charitable Causes


Eric Pulier has remained a key player in the philanthropic community. However, he mainly deals with initiatives that utilize technology in solving intractable issues in economically under-served communities. He supports physically disabled children in the United States and the rest of the globe.


Pulier is widely known for the creation of the first of its kind multimedia educational programs aimed at teaching individuals who have Multiple Sclerosis. He created the programs on behalf of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Aside from that, he has also served as a key member of the Clinton Global Initiative, whereby he led the exploration of a program aimed at catering to under-served communities through affordable cloud computing.