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Heal N Soothe: Natural Treatment for Joint Pain

Joint ailments are one of the most common conditions that occur as our bodies age. With the wear and tear of our bodies, the first ones to be affected are the joints, which are connective parts that connect two bones together. As we get older, joints between our bones start to wear out due to constant application of stress and pressure.

Arthritis accounts for 54.4 million cases of bodily ailments in the USA. This is a total of 22% of total adults in the United States. Considering the scope of affectation, joint ailments have been proven to be quite a challenge to treat, due to its many causes.

Introducting Heal n Soothe for Joint Pain

Heal n Soothe is a product made by Living Well Nutraceuticals. The technology of the product has a combination of systemic enzymes comprised of 12 natural pain fighters. These include Ginger, Rutin, Papain, Bromelain, and Turmeric.

There is a technology called Systemic Enzyme Therapy. This type of treatment has been utilized globally for more than 50 years. Heal n Soothe makes use of this same of treatment through capsule form. Systemic treatment means that the enzymes used by the body affect all your bodily systems and organs. Enzymes are also called biocatalysts–they are produced by the body, or through nutrition. Their main purpose in the body is to make bodily functions work for or against each other. Enzymes are known to prevent inflammation. Heal n Soothe contains natural pain relievers which also stimulate the production and circulation of enzymes.

Enzymes are not considered as drugs. Instead, they aid in lessening bodily inflammations by helping to normalize biochemicals in the body. Through the reduction of inflamed bodily parts, there is a higher chance of regeneration of the joints. Heal n Soothe may help in this by preventing the inflammation and allowing your body to have an opportunity to repair its joints and other tissues that connect your bones. There are other several benefits that can come when the body is able to fight inflammation. Increased enzyme production against inflammation can help in heart conditions, cancer, strains, contusions, and fractures.

Unlike synthetic drugs, Heal n Soothe aims to treat the root cause of pain and not only provide temporary relief. Heal n Soothe is available to be purchased online and the company gives a free trial bottle that can last for a month. Every 30 days, satisfied customers can purchase a bottle at $49.95 promo compared to its retail price at $59.

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What You Need To Know About Talkspace

If you or your relative is experiencing a personality disorder, depression after divorcing a sociopath, stigma of depression or any other disorder, then you should contact a therapist at Talkspace such as Alicia Winkle. Talkspace is a therapy app founded and based in New York City. The therapists at Talkspace are as unique as the patients who seek their help. You can meet mental health professionals who will provide care through “Meet Our Therapists” services by Talkspace, which has made seeking therapy easy and accessible. An example of a disorder that Talkspace therapist can help is borderline personality disorder.

Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder

Those individuals with borderline personality disorder have a hard time respecting and understanding boundaries; they push limits. The following signs can tell if you or a relative is having this condition:


  • Taking clothes from roommates or siblings without borrowing
  • Taking relative’s cash from their wallets
  • They can sleep with anyone without respecting boundaries
  • Asking details about someone which are inappropriate to discuss
  • Having a hard time differencing love or hate and good or evil
  • Feeling like someone is trying to hurt you
  • Occasionally having self-harming or suicidal threats or behavior

How to Cope With This Disorder

If a relative has this disorder, then you should consider taking him or her to some mental health treatments which include mindfulness and dialectical behavior therapy. You will be required to be patient with this mental illness treatment since it is the most difficult to treat. You can use Talkspace to get connected with a therapist.

Why Should You Use Talkspace?


  • Anonymity- the App gives you the chance of becoming anonymous
  • Media sharing- you can share pictures or videos that you think are cool
  • Convenience- you can get a therapist any time
  • Time to think- you get time to think since the session is asynchronous
  • Reduced cost-the cost of therapy is almost half the cost you incur in a face to face therapy

If you write to express yourself, you are a traveler, or you have a mild depression or anxiety, you should use Talkspace. The therapists here are readily available to help.