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Passion, Commitment, Success: Eric Pulier

There are some truly remarkable people in this world that come from all walks of life. Unfortunately these remarkable individuals never seem to get the credit or respect that’s due. Society just seems to honor the professional athletes and movie stars whom actually doesn’t do anything to better society in-general. Today’s society is very innovative, but it’s backwards in a sense thanks to it’s behavior. Case In Point: One of the most intellectually brilliant individuals is a guy named Eric Pulier, but this guy isn’t a household name at all. Pulier has done many remarkable things for society that has benefited the people. The Teaneck, New Jersey native is basically a tech genius especially when it comes to creating things. Eric Pulier’s passion for technology has led him to build his very own empire. As a student at the prestigious Harvard University, he was a column writer and editor for the prominent Harvard Crimson Publication and he attended MIT.


Pulier developed one of the first live feeds, which showcased his many talents. This live feed allowed the space astronauts to communicate with NASA in real-time. This was unheard of at the time, but Pulier pulled it off. He was chosen to develop and build the platform for Bill Clinton’s 2nd Inauguration known as “Bridge To The 21st Century.” This multi-day event was broadcasted live on many news channels and many members of congress attended the event as well as celebrities. The guy can literally do anything once he puts his mind to the task. Being so business savvy, Pulier has founded up to 15 companies. Many of these companies used advanced technology to solve specific issues in certain fields of work. Visit This Page to learn More.


He’s been giving the name “philanthropist” because he gives back to the community, charitable organizations, and for the people who really needs it. Eric Pulier is truly an American Icon with or without national exposure.

Global Education

Ever wished you could have access thirty thousand professional writings in a instant? Thanks to the Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary, this wish is possible, and with no strings or charges attached.

Wessex Institute of Technology has an online journal collection called the WIT Press eLibrary that makes available published conference proceedings, journals, specialized research monographs, and edited works. Every published paper since 1993 to the present is available online for free through the WIT Press eLibrary. There are works of technology is a number of areas, including engineering sciences, ecodymanics, and safety. All of these published works are peer reviewed and from credible sources. All of the articles and writings are available for download as well, which would typically be worth over twenty-five dollars, or as the homeland of WIT would say, twenty-three Euros.

That way people can be educated and knowledgeable, as well as do research for their own projects. An eLibrary like this allows for people to build off of one another, which will create a global community that collaborates and communicated effectively. The work of WIT Press is valuable beyond words, and can help continue the progress of science, technology, math, and engineering on an international scale.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel assists in the treatment of sleep apnea

Physicians are getting to learn more ways of how to solve sleep apnea. Recent studies have shown that sleep apnea has a connection with other diseases and ailments such as stroke, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been carrying out deep research on sleep apnea. He has an extensive background on sleep apnea, sleep disorders and the treatment of these diseases.


Close to ninety percent of those that have sleep apnea get diagnosed. The Dental Sleep Masters have come up with a program model for doctors. The program assists in revealing of the disorder and gives better results with diagnosis. Dentists and physicians have joined hands to offer the treatment with the program have proved to be successful. So that the program could achieve the breakthrough, Dr. Weisfogel had to change the way sleep physicians conduct their diagnosis. Dentists were included in the research because they proved valuable in the treatment and diagnosis of the disorder.


The THN, a sleep therapy is an example of one of those devices. It is an implantable device that can be given to patients to treat apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has shed a new light on the rarely treated disorder. His team of experts will change the way people afflicted with Apnea live.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel, founder of Dental Sleep Masters, has a vast experience in sleep treatment and sleep disorders. He started his career as a mere dentist in 1999 through the establishment of the Old Bridge Dental Care. He practiced dentistry for close to 15 years where he scooped countless awards. Dr. Weisfogel took a keen interest in sleep and studied how both doctors and dentists could treat sleep disorders.


Mr. Weisfogel went on with his research and founded the Health Heart Sleep, a firm that works with physicians all over the world to enlighten them on the creation and management of sleep laboratories. He started out by offering lectures to doctors and dentists on ways to construct labs that can serve more patients. Dr. Weisfogel started the Dental Sleep masters in 2014 to assist with the dentists in the area of sleep. Through his help, dentists can now use oral appliances to treat sleep disorders.


OSI Group Announces Baho Food Acquisition

OSI has been a food solutions leader for well over a century. OSI prides itself on its dedication to serving their customers. OSI is highly regarded, and is seen as one of the top global food providers. Many of the World’s leading brands use OSI, as they constantly deliver quality processes while saving money on costs.

OSI helps produce a number of food products, such as bacon, breakfast sausage, cooked beef and pork, and pizza. OSI has a global network that stretches across three continents; Europe, North America and Asia. Thanks to a global presence, OSI has a unique understanding of the needs of consumers. OSI uses customized solutions to meet the needs of the problems. OSI’s international network allows them to have a strong supply chain, which causes financial flexibility. OSI is privately held, and uses being a smaller company to their advantage.

OSI is a results oriented company so they hire people who are talented, motivated, and have a passion for business. OSI has a tenacious persistence to deliver on their promises. Using their drive and creativity, OSI’s production and distribution process is second to none.

OSI partners with the best resources from around the globe. OSI’s strength in raw materials, sourcing, product commercialization and industry production help them stand out in the industry. OSI emphasizes innovation through being able to share information and technology. OSI has a network of creative resources that help give customers access to practical ideas from around the globe.

OSI is a leader in food safety and brand security. OSI works closely with their supply chain, making sure that they are compliant with industry standards and specifications. OSI seeks to organize safe and appropriate transportation.

Recently, OSI acquired Baho Food, a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods. OSI Group CEO David McDonald feels that adding Baho Food to OSI expands OSI’s presence in Europe. The acquisition helps OSI serve the evolving needs of different customers.

Baho Food has processing plants in The Netherlands and Germany. Baho Food’s managing director John Balvers looks forward to working with OSI to form a growth strategy leading to continued success. Balvers feels that this merger will help offer customers a broader product portfolio and lead to substantial growth.]


Eric Pulier Is A Man Dedicated To Many Causes

Eric Pulier is a man that is known as a super entrepreneur. Eric Pulier graduated from high school in 1985 from Teaneck New Jersey. Later on he went to Harvard University and obtained his bachelors of arts and he graduated magna cum laude. While he was studying in Harvard he found a big interest in computer science. He also loved things such as American literature and environmental studies.

Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey but later in 1991 he moved to Los Angeles. He founded the company PDT which stands for People Doing Things. This was a health care company that helps people with things like education and other healthcare issues. Next he founded Digital Evolution. Later on this company combined with US Interactive. A very popular business that Eric started was called Starbright World which is a private social network that helps children that are chronically ill. The reason that Eric Pulier is known as a super entrepreneur is because he helped start some 15 different companies. Such as US interactive, Servicemash, and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. Mr. Pulier is a man that is dedicated to many causes, and he has done much more than just be an avid entrepreneur.

Eric Pulier is known to be a technologist, a columnists, a public speaker, an author and a philanthropist. As a philanthropist he has done much to raise funds for many educational programs to help people that are suffering with multiple sclerosis to get education and treatment for the disease. Eric is also known as one of the founding donors for the ACE foundation this is a foundation that is dedicated to shaping how software is built. This is a nonprofit organization that helps to deal with many of the humanitarian issues that go on around the world. Apart from that Eric has helped in funding and organizing of many other nonprofit organizations that encourage technical development that can benefit individuals all around the world.

Even though Eric is a man that keeps himself very busy when it comes to his work, his writing, his business and his philanthropy, he makes sure to keep himself very active in his children’s life. He is the father of four children, and he lives in Los Angeles with them. He is a person that not only has reached out to help others in the community, but he is an awesome father and friend.

Investors Are Relieved By The Federal Reserve Decision Not To Raise Interest Rates

After months of speculation, investors around the world let out a big sigh of relief when Fed Chairman Janet Yellen did not raise interest rates. Investors like Brian Bonar knew that an interest rate hike at this point in time would exacerbate the financial issues investors are facing around the world. Bonar has a lot of experience in the investment industry as well as other industries. He spent 17 years at IBM Europe, and he is currently the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Dalrada and Bonar have developed a comprehensive program that helps companies manage their employee benefits and investments. An interest rate hike would have been a game-changer in terms of investment earnings.

Bonar and other executives in the investment industry are happy with the near-zero interest rates, but they are not that happy with Yellen. Yellen’s communication skills leave a lot of to be desired since no one had heard a word from her in the two months before she made the announcement about the Feds decision. Investors like Bonar would like to know how the Feds plan to lift rates off the floor going forward, and how effective they will be at communicating an increase when they think one is necessary. Even though more than half of the economists and investors like Bonar didn’t think the Feds would raise the rates, they did think they would have gotten some sign from the Feds before they made the announcement. In the investment world, signs of pending changes that impact investments are important tools that help investors make the necessary adjustments.

What the Feds did this time, according to Mr. Bonar, is give conflicting information to the public. Two Fed representatives told the public different things, and that was confusing. Yellen defended them by saying uncertainty is natural in financial markets especially when a policy shift is eminent. Yellen also said the Feds will only raise rates when inflation hits its 2 percent target. Inflation is reaching that percentage, so Bonar thinks a rate increase will come shortly. Mr. Bonar thinks the Feds were cautious going into their meeting for a reason. They could have been clearer about their intentions because the market was already adjusting to a quarter of a percent increase. The fact that they decided not to raise the rate is a clear sign that China issues and other emerging market issues impacted their final decision.

Yellen is a student of the data-dependent mentality when it comes to policy changes, according to Bonar, and that won’t change. Investors would be wise to interrupt the data the way Yellen does if they want to know when and how much the interest rate will change going forward.

A Passionate or Obsessive Art Collector – You Decide

People outside the world of art may have a difficult time understanding the passion of an avid art collector; they may view it as an obsessive disorder.

An obsessive art collector is someone who has the available funds to purchase works of art and more often than not, they will build their living space to accommodate their acquired artwork. For instance, they may build an addition to their current home just to display the art.

Anyone can acquire a beautiful piece of art (or two) with the right advice and some cash. But it takes passion, patience, dedication and talent to make a smart art purchase over and over again. Guided intelligence is needed to create a large art collection that is not only coherent, but engaging.

At the tender age of 45, Adam Sender has accomplished this and acquired an extensive collection of art. He has gathered pieces of artwork from the best and most talented contemporary artists from around the world.

At a Sotheby auction, there was about 400 pieces (from more than 138 different artists) from the Sender Collection on display. This was the largest block by a single person and this does not represent Mr. Sender’s entire collection.

Although he is proud of this collection, Adam Sender is also proud by the purchases that he did not make. He started collecting in the mid 1990’s and he describes himself as a pursuer of great works from established artists who have a long and prosperous future. Sender continues to state that he choice of artwork purchases need to have a level of intellectually stimulation as well as be visually appealing. He will continue to purchase new artwork as he sees fit. Senders’ was quoting in saying that “I am passionate about every piece that I purchase”.

The Career Path of Dan Newlin

Dan Newlin is a respected attorney and former police officer who has dedicated his life to helping others in finding them compensation for in just compensation from the insurance companies. Dan Newlin began his successful career at the young age of 18. He started out as an EMT (emergency medical technician). As an EMT, Newlin was trained to save lives and to transport patients to receive urgent medical care. Newlin distinctly remembers being in the back of an ambulance after only 6 months of working as an EMT, delivering a child from a patient.

At the age of 20, Dan Newlin started his new and long career as a police officer for the New Chicago Police Department. During his time working for the police department, Newlin was involved in many cases. These cases involved narcotics, auto theft, and fugitive. Thanks to Newlin, hundreds of dangerous fugitives were put away. After a few years of working for the New Chicago Police Department in Indiana, Newlin took a position working for the Sheriff’s office in Orange County, Florida.

Dan Newlin moved to Florida and began working for the Sheriff’s Office where he worked on many details that helped improve the community. Dan Newlin received many awards and honors that he is extremely proud of to this day. Dan Newlin worked on the force in Orange County, Florida for ten years and received a promotion to become the high ranking position of sheriff’s detective.

Dan Newlin’s career path changed when he was in an emergency room interviewing a victim who had been hit by a reckless driver. The victim, though unharmed, had lost her unborn child due to the accident. The young woman, though having lost her unborn child, received no compensation for her loss. The insurance company did not pay her anything. The only thing that the insurance company did was inspect the woman’s car to make sure that she was not the cause of the accident.

That one incident changed Dan Newlin’s life. Newlin began attending night school and eventually graduated with a Degree in Business Management. He continued his education with attending law school. By 2001, Dan Newlin had both a law degree and a practice that was geared to helping others receive compensation by the insurance companies. Within 14 years of being in practice, Newlin has expanded his firm to become two firms. The firms have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation. The firms’ success has been attributed to the high quality employees that work for the firm. The firms specialize in work injuries or any injustice. Thanks to Dan Newlin, those who would have not been able to represent themselves, now receive top quality compensation for workplace compensation.

Moving Technology Forward: Eric Pulier

The Computer Science Corporations is an American based business located in Falls Church, Virginia, It was founded in April of 1959 by Roy Nutt and Flethcer R Jones. The company is a leader in Information technology services as well as professional services. They house over 74,000 employees in over 70 countries around the globe and its client base consists of commercial enterprises as well as the U.S federal government, they also assist many non-government related agencies. The company operates in three broad service sectors, the North American sector, which acts as one of the major IT providers for the federal government. These include the United States Department of Defense, the Central Intelligence Agency and Homeland Security. The second is Managed Services and the third is Business Solutions and Services.

CSC has been named one of the top 100 Federal Contractors as well as being ranked 8th in Software Magazines Software 500 ranking of the largest providers of software and service providers. CSC sponsored a national cycling team by the name of CSC. It was in operation from 1998 until 2014 in Denmark and from 2014 on in Russia.

In Los Angeles where the company was first founded, resides Eric Pulier anaccomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist.
He’s written books such as “understanding Enterprise SOA” with Hugh Taylor and not only
stunning us with his devilishly good looks But with his innovative ideas to use technology to
help children with physical disabilities around the world. Graduating in 1988 Magna Cum Laude
from Harvard, in 1994 he founded Digital evolution moving onward
to become chief executive officer of stemulis in 2015. Eric Pulier has been a donor to several non profits, he is also a board member of the X-prize Foundation which is a competition held with the purpose of solving some of humanities greatest problems.

The History and Rise of QNet Limited

QNet limited is an e-commerce company that operates mainly in Asia and Africa.The company is one of the many companies owned by the QI Group of Companies. It has its headquarters in Hong Kong. The company manufactures a number of products that it sells through its independent representatives. The products fall in various categories such as weight management, energy, nutrition, home care, personal care, fashion accessories and luxury goods.

Vijay Eswaran and his friend Joseph Bismark co founded the QNet. Eswaran founded the company in 1998. His prior experience in multi level marketing helped him to evaluate business operations and utilize the right strategies to register success in business. He serves as the Chairman of the company and the Executive Chairman of the group that owns the company, the QI Group.A part from being the Chairman of the company, he acts as a motivational speaker to independent representatives selling QNet’s products.

Like other multi-level marketing corporations, the marketing strategy used by QNet follows a multi-level marketing and direct selling model. It depends on independent representatives to market the products and sell the products on the behalf of the company. These representatives are paid based on both the volume of sales made and the number of successful referrals. A representative will also get additional compensation based on the volume of sales made by their referrals. Each representative has his or her team organized in a binary fashion. The team is made up of the representative and every person below him or her in the binary system. Occasionally, QNet uses newspaper ads to market its products.

The company has established its operations in the Asian continent in countries such as Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Taiwan. The company has operations in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, Iran and India. Its manufacturing branches are located in Turkey and India.

Originally, QNet was known as GoldQuest when it was founded in 1998. Its first product was custom-commissioned numismatic coins. In 2002, after a partnership with QVI Club, the company diversified into travel and vacations. Another important diversification made by the company was in 2006 when it started marketing health, energy and nutritional products. During the same year, it started marketing Bernhard H. Mayer branded watches.

The success of QNet is mainly attributed to Vijay Eswaran’s expertise and its highly motivated independent representatives. The multi level system employed by the company ensures that successful representatives are awarded with different gifts in a frequent manner. A part from gifts, these individuals also get to climb higher in the system. The representatives can easily monitor their expected compensation using a formula already set by the company. The Directors of the company regularly holds motivational sessions with the view to keeping the independent representatives motivated.