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Dan Newlin: Innovative Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorney Dan Newlin is a powerhouse in his field. His firm is based out of Orlando, Florida where he and his team of experienced attorneys help those who have been injured. The Law Offices of Dan Newlin are best known for serving and protecting the interests of their clients. However, what many do not know, is that the firm has also been recognized by the state of Florida as a Super Lawyer Law Firm. This is a title that has been given out to less than 5% of all law firms in the state.

Dan Newlin started his career in the Midwest as an Emergency Medical Technician, then as a law enforcement officer. He moved to Orlando where he continued his law enforcement career while attending night classes at law school. Now, Newlin is head of one of the most successful personal injury law firms in the state of Florida. Riding on the success of his Florida practice, Newlin has recently opened another branch of his firm in Chicago, Illinois. There, he is excited to help the citizens of Chicago like he has for those in Orlando.

Throughout his career, Newlin has handled some high profile personal injury cases. He has won cases for clients who were suing insurance companies, workers’ compensation, or for medical malpractice. His firm also focuses on accident cases including auto, clip and fall, DUI accidents, and many others. In 2014, Newlin’s law firm won a record-setting case for a teen who had suffered from a traumatic brain injury after an accident in 2012. Newlin won an astounding $100 million against the defendant for the teen’s ongoing medical care. In 2015, his law office once again settled a case for a client against an insurance company for $950,000. Check out Dan Newlin’s page on Facebook.

Not only is Dan Newlin a formidable personal injury attorney, he is also an innovative one. Earlier this year Newlin introduced a new phone number for his firm to make it easier for clients to reach them. He unveiled their new number as “#Dan”. Now, when clients need to reach Newlin or his staff, they only need to dial the pound sign followed by the numerical keys that spell out Dan. Newlin said that he got the idea to create the number after how popular hashtags have become on social media platforms. He also knew that #Dan would be easy to remember, even if someone had just been in an accident. Newlin feels that hashtag phone numbers will be the wave of the future and he is embracing those changes.

Ditch the Coins – Austin Laundromat Uses Card System

Coin Operated Laundromats have been around since the beginning of Laundromats. Customers come into Laundromats with bags of coins and insert them into the washers and dryers one dirty and annoying coin at a time. Not only is this a burdensome task for customers, but it also takes up their time. For example, if a customer wants to use a large machine that costs $5.00 per load, they would need to insert 20 quarters into the machine. Who has time for that

Laundry Works of Austin, Texas offers a faster and more convenient option to its customers – Card Operated Laundry Machines! Laundry Works’ entire Laundromat is card operated. That means you will never have to save your quarters and drag them with you when it is time to do your laundry. Powered by Card Concepts, Inc., customers are now able pay for their laundry with cash, credit and/or debit cards. When customers come into Laundry Works they will receive a new card from the X-Changer machines. Then they can register their card and add funds all on the bright and large touch screen display. If the card is ever lost or misplaced, customers will be issued a new card and the previous credit balance can easily be transferred. Additionally, customers can keep track of their card usage and earn free wash points every time they use their laundry card.

Being located on West Campus of the University of Texas at Austin, students demand innovative technology in everything they do. The card operated system offered by Laundry Works provides college students with the ease and expediency they demand. Students appreciate the conveniences of being able to use their credit and debit cards to pay for their essentials. A fully card operated Laundromat enables students to focus on what is most important without worrying about having enough quarters for clean clothes.

The Transformative Agenda of Qnet Operations

Qnet (Instagram) is an online marketing firm based in Hong Kong. Its business initially focused on South East Asia. Today, it has expanded to other markets in India, Middle East, North Africa, West Africa, East Africa, Europe and Russia.
Like any company, Qnet started from a humble beginning. It was started by a group of friends who put a great effort into it despite of several challenges and a tuff business environment. It has been in operation for over 17 years and relies on its e-commerce platform which has sustained its growth.
Being a direct selling business, Qnet has been in the forefront in championing for laws governing direct selling in markets such as India. The main aim of that has been to agitate the government to set up an independent business regulator to check all the business operations and ensure that they comply with the law and ensure that there is fair competition among the businesses. Qnet believes a good working environment can be established through that.
Currently, Qnet produces consumer goods and electronic segments from India. These include watches and energy drinks such as Nutriplus. The shift in production to India is estimated to cut cost by 8-12 per cent according to Mr. Suresh Thamir who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Indian franchise.
Qnet has also carried out initiatives that have improved people’s lives. Guided by its philosophy of RHYTHM, which means raise yourself to help mankind, it has been able to give back to local communities and other international organizations. A good example of this partnership is the 2013 signing of a 3 year deal with Manchester City football club. This partnership brought together two organizations with similar ideals in terms of initiatives that help out local communities. Through its UAE branch, Qnet has supported the Rashid center which takes care of the needs of children. This is replicated throughout the regions that it does business in.
The company also gives an opportunity to innovative Indians who can come up with unique products. The requirement are that the products have to pass the quality test. If it does that, then Qnet provides a platform to reach customers.
Qnet has not had it easy but it has been able to deliver to its customers each year. Through its community initiatives many lives have been enhanced. Qnet believes in quality service and this is what has kept its loyal customers and enabled it to acquire new ones.

A Penn State University Fraternity Is Suspended For Posting A Distasteful Facebook Page

Several Members Of The Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity Posted Photos Of Nude Women

There’s no doubt that male hormones are in full gear around the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity at Penn State, but don’t these horny boys follow the news? Someone should have told them to watch the short video of the SAE Fraternity at Oklahoma University debacle. Why the boys at Penn State want to share that disgraceful actions is anybody’s guess, but it’s safe to say they thought they wouldn’t get caught when they posted nude shots of passed out or sleeping women.

The frat boys tried to be discreet about their sexual fantasies. One of their pages was labelled “Covert Business Transactions,” but it was deleted when a victim discovered the page. But that didn’t stop the boys. Several frat boys created another page and named it “2.0”.

Evidently the pages drew some on and off campus interest. About 150 current students and alumni accessed the private pages. Posting nude photos and hazing pictures along with drug sales are not part of the code of conduct at Penn State stated Alexei Beltyukov. The Delta Rho chapter at Penn State was immediately put on suspension until the investigation is completed.

No one around campus expects the frat boys to get special treatment.

Microsoft Giving Out Free Upgrades to Windows 10

Microsoft wants to fight piracy promising to upgrade computers to Windows 10 for free for computers that have illegal copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

This is a big change in company strategy. Previously, Microsoft was fighting piracy with verification systems to determine if the software was legal and limit functions in specific Windows PCs.

As Sergio Cortes ( has learned, past January, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will offer a free update for all users with Windows 7 and Windows 8. However, this time nothing was mentioned about pirated versions.

This does not mean that everyone with versions of this type may be updated at any time, as the company announced it will offer free update only during the first year of availability of Windows 10.

Microsoft hopes to legitimize all recent Windows PCs, as some studies have concluded that three quarters of the software in PCs today is not under an appropriate license, particularly in countries like China.

Although the Reuters report focuses on upgrading to Windows 10 for China, Microsoft confirmed that this will happen globally.

Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be out in 190 countries in 111 languages ??this summer.

College Coaches Have To Be Honest


Commits leave colleges often when the coach that recruited them gets fired. Michigan has been flipping Nebraska recruits often, and they tried with another to no avail. DaiShon Neal was offended when the Michigan DL coach told his family that he would not be able to go to Michigan without football. According to Matheison and other sources, his family was offended and practically kicked him out of the house.

The problem with Mr. Neal is that he does not understand what it means to be a DL coach in college. These guys have to look after their players, they do not make as much money as head coaches and they want to keep their jobs. Mr. Neal, if you are not willing to list your GPA in an article about how offended you are that a coach made this insinuation, then you have missed the point. Michigan is a good school, and they are going to be honest with you about how hard you are going to have to work to remain eligible.

You can cry foul all you want, but you have to remember that your potential laziness in the classroom could cost this man his job. He has to be straight with you even though you think you should be pampered.

Soup For Everyone

A resident of Nashville, Tennessee was puzzled by the soup delivery found on her front stoop this past week. Some nameless person delivered 14 cases of cream of celery soup to Jess Braswell’s front door. That is 336 cans of soup. At first Ms. Braswell thought the soup was a donation as her home used to be a transition home for women in need.

Braswell along with Dave and Britt Morin were puzzled by the unexpected package, decided to take this mysterious delivery and turn it into something to help those in need. Braswell now has a website “FoundSoup” ( that sells merchandise like t shirts, hoodies, even autographed cans of soup. Most all the merchandise features a logo of a spaceship beaming up a can of soup. All profits from this website will get donated to the less fortunate.

And as for the original 336 cans of Campbell’s soup? Ms Braswell donated all the cans to a local Food Bank for those in need. Sometimes an odd occurrence can set our lives on a new path to help others in need and enrich our lives in the process.