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Howie Long Donates $1M To Villanova University

Not everyone remembers to thank the people who helped them get started, but Howie Long and his wife Diane are among the exceptions. Long and his wife are going to give back to Villanova University, the place where they first got started in the world by giving them a $1 Million dollar donation towards a $600 million dollar one that the school is trying to raise to improve many things around campus for the students. According to an article found on reddit and written by Main Line Media News, Long wanted to show some appreciation for his former university and will even have a new fitness center built and named after him. Apparently this new fitness area is going to be starting under construction soon, so it is great timing that he was able to help them out in a very big way.

The new gym will be available to all student athletes, not just the football players. I think that this really is a great way to give back to the community and set a good example for the future graduates of the institution. Not everyone has the ability to just give money away as they would like to, so Skout users feel it is pretty special when someone comes along and doesn’t need all that money they have and are willing to give it somewhere well deserved. Long was also a long time NFL player.