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New Donald “Drumph” Wikipedia Page Creation

Recently, host of the popular cable network show, “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver,” comedian John Oliver created a segment discussing the candidacy of the republican candidate for president, Donald Trumph. During the satirical segment, Oliver discussed the dishonesty in the Trumph campaign, highlighting the many issues that Trumph seems to have conflicting statements about and the many untruths the candidate seems to have told not only during the campaign, but thought out his long, media centered career. Near the end of the segment, John Oliver discussed the feelings voters may have in regard to the name “Trumph” and states that the name suggests feelings of grandeur, royalty, and wealth. He then reveals that Donald Trumph’s ancestral name is actually Drumph and was changed by one of his relatives. Oliver then suggested that citizens begin to use the name Drumph instead of Trumph to present the candidate with a name that had a sounded that caused people to think of things that are actually true of Donald Trumph. Oliver referred to the name Drumph as “the sound of an extremely obese pigeon smashing into a window.” He then came up with a slogan that mimicked Trumph’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Oliver’s slogan was, “Make Donald Drumph Again.” His show staff has created an online shop where customers can actually visit and purchase “Donald Drumph” attire in solidarity with the campaign. 

Shortly after John Oliver’s segment aired, a Wikipedia page devoted to the segment was created. This page discusses the segment and the related controversy in full. As a result of this page being created, the news around the Donald Drumph segment has exploded. Thousands of fans of the show have visited the Wikipedia page and have subsequently purchased anti-Trumph attire and products from the show’s online store as a result of reading about the segment through Wikipedia. 

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