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Classic Brazilian Authors That Transcend The Continent

An author refers to the person who came up with the existence of something which is done through a written work. An author of the specific material receives a certain percent of the amount earned through the sale of the material he has written. Most of the famous and successful authors do receive payment in advance of the sale of the books they have written to cater for future royalties. During the publication of the material written, the author does not cater for any cost incurred during the publication process where all the financial risks are catered for by the publisher.

Brazil having got its independence in 1822 has come a long way in its culture. Most of the Brazilian culture and its history are contained in the Brazilian literature which is written in Portuguese language. Machado De Assis is one of the Brazilian best writers who are well known for his great work during the slavery period in Brazil. One of his best known works is known as the Epitaph Of A Small Winner. Much of the success that Machado achieved was as a novelist where he much contributed to the society by being open to different cultures and races.

Euclides da Cunha is another writer in Brazil who was well known for his great efforts in exposing the excess corruption in Brazil armies. Cuhna wrote about the war in the town of Canudos which was being caused by the settlers. Euclides was also a politician who fought for the poor against the excessive taxation in Brazil. Jorge Amado was another well-known and most loved author in Brazil. Amado born 1912 and died 2001 wrote many novels which mostly talked about customs and people of Brazil. Some of the novels the Amado wrote include; clove and cinnamon, captains of the Sands and Gabriel . His books talks about culture providing teaching to the readers. Adriana Lisbo is one of the females who have featured in the field of Brazilian literature with Crow Blue being her most recent novel.

Jamie Garcia Dias is one of the Brazil’s well known writers. Garcia had published ten books by the time he was thirty years which contributed to his acceptance to join the White crane. White crane is a worldwide organization that recognizes authors from South America and from the entire world. BahiaPrime said the following are literary awards that Garcia has won: Two Ways, Clouds, Tiny, canal, and fell from heaven. Jamie talks about his childhood in one of his publications “Chronicles that Made Me Man”. He showed a lot of respect to his father in one of his publications known as “Wise”. Jamie Garcia Dias is currently considered one of the best and leading writers in Brazil.