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Internet Sensation

Fifteen minutes of glory can lead to downfall or major triumph. YouTube gives those looking for fame that moment. Some make it and others do not. Wendy Haung better known as Wengie is one such internet sensation. Wengie has marketed herself so well that the Beauty Academy Blog is interviewing her.

Following Wengie, viewers will find tutorials on makeup, hair products and all your beauty needs. Subscribers on YouTube, all 983,122 of them love Wengie’s style. Wengie loves her followers right back because on her website, she is always giving away something new and fantastic.

Another internet sensation on YouTube is JennaMarbles. This fire bomb of a woman has over 15 million subscribers. The sense of humor on this YouTuber is phenomenal. Each week subscribers can see something hilarious and if that is not enough there is a Facebook page and a blog for more of the fabulous Jenna Marbles.

PewDiePie from Sweden has 42,039,810 subscribers. One might wonder exactly why, but by looking at his “Weird Stuff” series, people flock to his channel just to see what he will do next. Of course if his YouTube channel is not enough, going to his blog will bring even more weirdness into the mix.

AndreasChoice is a fantastic beauty YouTuber who has 3,745,041 subscribers. While this beautiful lady does not actually have her own website, subscribers can get all kinds of updates on Facebook, Instragram and Tumblr.

If fitness is more your style, checking out ChelseaLifts is essential. She shares experiences in the gym, how to lose weight and what it is like to diet. Chelsea also has her own website where her 104,118 subscribers can speak to Chelsea about one on one coaching and get fitness clothing.

Arts and crafts, especially crochet has gained momentum. Bella Coco by Sara-Jayne is one such crochet artist who has not only garnered 120,980 subscribers, but her own domain blog that once was on Blogger. Her crafts are done in a How To method and makes learning crochet easy.