AIA’s Commitment To The Future

Robert Ivy, the CEO and Executive VP of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) since 2011, is dedicated to highlighting the role architecture plays in modern society. The recipient of Crane Award, Mr. Ivy was the first architect in the 21st century to be recognized by Alpha Rho Chi as a Master Architect.

Through the use of community outreach and education, Robert Ivy has shown a commitment to helping architects find work materially changing current issues including sustainability, socio-economics, and global health. Advancements in modern technology allow for sustainable construction with little economic footprint yet still aesthetically pleasing. His design of a Seattle children’s hospital brought much-needed whimsy back into a stressful family situation.

The American Institute of Architects has always had a mission closely associated with improving the lives of the American public since the formation of the trade group in 1857 in New York. Expanding the overall goals of the group in recent years after the AIA was created initially to standardize the work of architects and tradespeople in New York and across the Northeast of the U.S. Now a professional group with more than 90,000 members and over 200 chapters, the American Institute of Architects is one of the most influential lobbying groups in the U.S. capital of Washington D.C.

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It is Mr. Ivy’s belief that there will be an incredible need for design professionals to create the infrastructures growing global cities. One way architecture can be a deciding factor in the health and well-being of the occupants is replacing elevators with stairs enabling the occupants of a building an opportunity for exercise. Sunlight, fresh air, and copious amounts of free movement have become hallmarks of Ivy’s designs.

Siting Central Park as a prime example, Ivy’s goal for the AIA is to continue the tradition of architecture improving lives and environments. He is currently pushing for a more sustained effort at collecting information on the positive impacts of architecture. It is known and recorded within anecdotal evidence that people react more positively and with increased productivity to certain types of environments. However, having a way to collect information and track improvements would make it possible to continue to improve existing buildings.

Robert Ivy is encouraging the networking between AIA members and other industries to improve quality of life, especially after natural disasters. He feels that architects are master collaborators and team leads making them the perfect people to head rebuilding projects after earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes.

His final goal to is to improve the earth and people’s well-being through architecture.


The RealReal Takes Luxury Consignment To Another Level

The RealReal is taking advantage of the $1.5 trillion dollar luxury business. CEO Julie Wainwright started the business at her kitchen table frequenting consignor homes with a U-Haul. Currently, The RealReal is a leader in the luxury consignment business and has multiple locations throughout the U.S. They are a company that recognizes quality craftsmanship, artists, and designers. Every item that is purchased from The RealReal is 100% authentic. They employ a team of professional gemologists, and horologists that can determine if products are counterfeit. They are becoming one of the most successful startups already receiving $123 million in venture funding.

The RealReal is committed to providing you with the best luxury consumer experience. Founded in 2011, the company has grown to have over 4 million users and has sold over 2 million pieces. Shopping at The RealReal is similar to purchasing products from high-end internet websites. Every product that comes through The RealReal is thoroughly evaluated and inspected prior to being shipped to your door. They currently have seven valuation offices throughout the United States. Due to their success, they are considering opening several brick-and-mortar stores starting with New York City.

Some of the RealReal’s best sellers are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Celine, and Rolex. To ensure they have a steady flow of goods, they do a lot of lead generation that attracts people to their website. They have a team of sales representatives that will make house calls, helping clients clear out their closets in the Hamptons. The RealReal is quite the contender in the industry selling a Cleef & Arpels diamond cuff with a price tag of $100,000. The RealReal opened a pop-up shop in Soho to test out the market. It was so successful that they made over $2 million in revenue and plan several others in the future.

Dr. Saad Saad Beat the Odds to Become the Best

Pediatric surgery is a delicate field of medicine. A pediatric surgeon handles some of the most delicate of situations in their interaction with their clients. The clients, often, cannot express their health problems properly. Meeting experts such as Dr. Saad is always an exciting event. Dr. Saad Saad has handled many children and performed operations in their thousands. While he has worked for many years and managed to help a great number of patients regain their health, he still believes in research and says that there is always room to improve the current practices. He says that during his practice he has always sought to challenge how things were done. His main inspiration, he says, was to find ways of alleviating pain and suffering for patients.

Dr. Saad Saad’s Inventions

Owing to the quest he has to learn more about the best surgical and health procedures and treatment, Dr. Saad has managed to patent two inventions. He is also reported to be the brains behind a host of pediatric procedures that are already in use in various hospitals. Dr. Saad has spent most of his adult life trying to resolve the health problems of his community in the US. He has organized medical camps to assist patients with various ailments for free in both the US and in Israel and on the West Bank where he spent part of his early life. These medical missions are sponsored by Dr. Saad and other well-wishers. So far he has organized eight missions in Jerusalem and four in the US. Dr. Saad is the brains behind medical catheters. Catheters are medical tubes that are inserted into the body of patients to assist in surgical operations or for purposes of treatment of certain medical conditions. Some catheters can even be inserted into the body and left there permanently. Dr. Saad also has a second invention meant to enhance endoscope usage. Endoscopes are medical devices that are used to examine the inner parts of a patient in the process of surgery.

Dr. Saad and His Intriguing Journey to Becoming a Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad was born in Israel in the 1940s. His family was forcefully moved to the West Bank, shortly after the creation of the state of Israel. He gives an account of the toughest experiences one can be subjected to in life. It seems that the spirit of working hard was infused into their blood. Dr. Saad’s Siblings are also professionals in various fields. They managed to acquire an education and become skilled personnel in the various professions. He has two brothers who are engineers. He also has a sister who works as an ICU expert. The family of Dr. Saad later moved to Kuwait. It is while in Kuwait that Dr. Saad reached the college age. He attended the University of Alexandria and graduated with top honors. He later furthered his studied in the UK and eventually decided to settle in the US. He lives in Eaton Town, New Jersey. Learn more:

Food Powerhouse OSI Industries To Raise the Bar In Customer Service With Recent Upgrades and Acquisitions In Its European Market:

OSI Industries is one of America’s top 100 food companies. It also maintains a large global presence with facilities in 17 countries worldwide. The firm is based out of Aura, Illinois and is headed by Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon is a former financial consultant with degrees in finance, accounting and business. He first got into the food business with OSI Industries back when the company still operated under its original name Otto & Sons. From the very start, Sheldon had a vision of growing the company from a small U.S. food business into a global powerhouse. The company has garnered this level of success due to its stellar reputation for customer service. It always focusses on meeting the unique demands of each individual client. OSI offers custom food processing which includes vegetables, meats, fruits and other proteins, all made specifically to the individual customer’s specifications. Customer options range from beef, pork and poultry to pizzas, cookies and hot dogs. The company is always looking for ways to expand, whether from upgrading their existing infrastructure or acquiring valuable new assets to add to their already robust portfolio. This constant drive for improvement has led to some exciting new developments for OSI Industries recently in its European market. Upgrades to a current facility in Toledo, Spain has seen a doubling in chicken production and the acquisition of two great European food companies have added great value to the OSI portfolio of products.

OSI’s facility in Toledo, Spain has recently increased chicken production from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons per year. The facility expects to be able to produce in excess of 45,000 total tons per year of beef, pork and chicken. This increase has been due to a €17 million investment in upgrades at the facility. OSI has also recently acquired Dutch convenience food, deli meats and snacks producer Baho Food along with frozen poultry, pie and condiment producer Flagship Europe. The company is confident that these recent upgrades and acquisitions will be well worth the investment as they add increased production and new products to the company portfolio that will help to better meet the needs of OSI’s customers as well as attracting new customers.

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Phil Davies Of PSI-Pay Addresses Brexit’s Impact On His Company

PSI-Pay Ltd. is a United Kingdom firm which was established in 2007. They provide payment solutions to other businesses around the world. They provide the framework for other companies to accept payments. These payments can be made using a Mastercard as PSI-Pay since 2009 has been a Principal Issuing Member of MasterCard International. In 2014 they were authorized to directly offer MasterCard services throughout the entire EU.
In order to help other businesses accept payments PSI-Pay partners with them in several ways. This includes general management along with distribution, sales, and marketing activities. The services they can offer to other businesses depends on that partner’s regulatory level.

Phil Davies is the managing director of PSI-Pay. He started out as an advisor to this firm in 2010. In 2011 he was named to its board of directors. Tony Davis is the finance director. He has been a chartered accountant since 1977 and joined PSI-Pay in 2008. Craig James is the director. He has been in the e-money and payment services industries for most of his career. He brought many years of business experience and knowledge to PSI-Pay when he joined.
As many people know, when the British people voted to leave the European Union, aka Brexit, a number of fears were stoked about what would happen to London’s financial industry of which PSI-Pay is a part. Phil Davies put out a statement after the vote that his company had already been looking into contingency plans before the vote was taken as a “just in case” measure. For the current time they are taking a “business as usual” approach. Because they already had measures in place and he doesn’t expect there to be any negative impact on PSI-Pay if and when Britain separates from the EU.

PSI-Pays customers can deposit and withdraw funds at any time. In order to expand what PSI-Pay offers to its customers they partnered with Kerv NFC in June 2016. This opened up a range of payment options for PSI-Pay customers. Kerv built a contactless payment ring which has 38 million locations around the world. At the time Kerv was a startup who had launched a successful Kickstarter campaign a year earlier which allowed them to swiftly build up their network.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Why Joe Arpaio Shouldnt Be Pardoned

The whole Latino and migrant community in Arizona felt disappointed after President Donald Trump issued a pardon for Joe Arpaio.

They stated that they could not believe the decision of the president, and they have been working with two of Arizona’s brightest migrant activists – Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin – to persuade the president to change his decision.

Joe Arpaio, known as the best and the toughest sheriff in the United States, has already warned the public that if he would be sent to prison for contempt, President Donald Trump will be releasing him right away.

The two have a strict stance on the issue with immigration, and the latter stated that he would not welcome immigrants, especially those who are undocumented, in the state of Arizona.

The infamy of Joe Arpaio was published online, and it became viral overnight. The post was made after he announced his plans to run for the Senate.

The posts that are being shared thousands of times of social networking giants have shown how Joe Arpaio treated the migrant population.

One of the posts talks about a pregnant woman who was left to die by the heartless sheriff, and he claimed that whatever the medical condition is, without papers, outsiders would not be able to enter the country. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Next would be the issue about a dog that he shot, which belonged to a migrant pet lover. Lastly, there are urban legends about the concentration camp that Joe Arpaio built for the immigrants.

No one knows what part of the posts shared is true, but one thing is for sure – Joe Arpaio is serious about his plans to run for the Senate.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin – one of his greatest adversaries – have appealed to some groups to help them protest against Joe Arpaio.

The group also asked their members to persuade their representatives to review the pardon given to Joe Arpaio. Being the mortal enemy of the toughest sheriff, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin shared their horrors under the hands of Joe Arpaio. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin |

Back in 1992, when Joe Arpaio was named as the sheriff for the Maricopa County, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin already wrote an article critical of him. Joe Arpaio saw this as an attack on him, so for the next couple of years, he would consider the two as his enemies.

The feud between the sheriff and the writers would broaden after the arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The public saw it as a complete violation of the constitution, and they put pressure on the judge who is handling the case.

In the end, their case was junked, but Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin filed another petition and sued the Maricopa County. The two earned $3.75 million, and they are using the funds today as a part of the larger Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are using all of their influence and networks to ensure that Joe Arpaio would never make it to the Senate.

Perry Mandera’s Giving Life

Custom Cares Charities is a nonprofit charity that was founded by Perry Mandera, founder and president of The Custom Companies, Inc. Through this charity arm, The Custom Companies, an Illinois-based full-service transportation business, recently gave thousands of dollars to needy families during the holidays. But Mandera does not limit his philanthropy through to Custom Cares Charities. At the same time during the recent holidays, he also helped another charity in Illinois distribute thousands of winter coats to needy children in the Chicago metro area (

This is not the first time Mandera has helped with charities. In 2013 he helped with disaster relief after Illinois experienced destruction and loss of property because of tornadoes. His charitable assistance has also not been limited to Illinois. In the past, he has helped people in Mississippi and Louisiana who were adversely affected by Hurricane Katrina. And in 2017 he provided transportation services, food, and supplies to help with relief efforts for those affected by the California wildfires. Mandera also gives of his personal time. He is particularly passionate about coaching youth sports teams. He also coached adult boxers. Two of these have even competed in the Olympics.

Mandera is also dedicated to helping charities that in turn help American military veterans. He extends this charitable giving to his hiring practices, frequently hiring veterans to The Custom Companies team. Mandera’s has himself experienced life in the military. He served in the U.S. Marines during the 70s after high school.

Mandera also helps the Environmental Protection Agency solve transportation problems. He has led his company to fully comply with EPA’s transportation efficiency policies. He takes this extremely seriously and works with both EPA management and his own team to maximize these policies. And he is dedicated to finding even better ways of reducing the pollution put out by transportation.

Jeunesse tackles both productivity and sleep with AM PM Essentials

In today’s advanced, technical economy, productivity has never been more important. For companies, worker productivity can give them the competitive edge they need to stay on top of the competition and deliver results for their customers and shareholders. But for the individual worker, the stakes can be even higher. In the ruthless modern labor force, beating out coworkers on productivity measure can mean the difference between landing the $200,000-per-year management job or ending up at the soup kitchen.

Jeunesse Global, one of the most innovative and important manufacturers of health and beauty products across the planet, has taken up the challenge of tackling the issue of workday productivity with its AM PM Essentials multivitamin. Research has shown that workers are most productive, by far, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. After lunch, average productivity drops off dramatically.

AM PM Essentials taps into some of the most potent natural sources of energy and stamina in existence. The multivitamin contains vitamins A through E, including B6 and B12. It also contains key energy-boosting and focus-enhancing ingredients that help keep workers going strong even after the lunchtime crash. While there is no magic bullet for staying on top of one’s game throughout the day, AM PM Essentials can form part of a total-health approach that can allow workers to stay at optimal levels of productive output throughout the entire workday.

But as with most sources of natural performance enhancement, one of the serious problems that AM PM Essentials would entail is allowing the user the ability to fall asleep at night and get a good night’s rest. That’s where the PM part of AM PM Essentials comes in.

Formulated with natural sleep-inducing supplements, PM Essentials allows users to wind down at night, getting a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed and ready to face the day’s challenges head on. With this combined system of daytime performance enhancement and nighttime sleep enhancement, AM PM Essentials may be the only multivitamin currently on the market that recognizes the equal importance of sleep in maintaining high levels of productivity throughout the workday.

Avaaz: Leaders of Progression and Humanity

When there’s injustice or corruption or poverty or a war against climate change occurring, it’s not uncommon to find Avaaz on the front lines. At its heart, Avaaz is a US-based organization that promotes activism on a global scale against issues like climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict. It works to give a single voice to the many. Its power comes from acquiring activists all across the world who network and provide assistance for one another to make change happen now. Its very name is a transliteration of the word “voice.” The President and CEO of Avaaz is Ricken Patel who studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford University. It was at Harvard University where he received his Masters in Public Policy. After graduation, he joined the International Crisis Group where he received experience in convincing rebel forces to negotiate, monitoring elections covertly, and restoring faith in an area where corruption ran rampant.

Patel, later on, worked for where he learned the power of the online world for activism. With an emphasis on only taking money from, individual, members and never from foundations or corporations, Avaaz has been able to fund campaigns that cover the issues they wish to raise attention towards. While they do not claim to have a single ideology that they follow, Patel has stated that they have a mission which is to narrow the gap between what the world is now and the world that they want to live in. Their tools vary. Sometimes, they stage sit-ins or rallies or even perform media-friendly stunts. Most of these ideas come from the members themselves, and when an idea is selected, team specialists help guide the idea into action. An example of their work was in 2009 during the Iranian presidential election protests.

To help protestors expand their word and issues out to the world, Avaaz helped to install proxy servers on their Internet. This allowed the protesters to upload videos of the protests to public websites, which gained further attention to the issues at hand.They had a hand in helping the civilians during the Syrian Civil War. They managed to smuggle in medical supplies for the citizens who were trapped in the war zones. In addition, they managed to smuggle in journalists who could give authentic reports on what was going on in Syria.If there’s a crisis or movement against injustice happening,  Avaaz is there to give its support to the people who are fighting for a better world. Whether it be about corruption, climate change, human or animal rights, they utilize all of their resources to fight for the betterment of humankind and humanity as a whole.

Heal N Soothe: Natural Treatment for Joint Pain

Joint ailments are one of the most common conditions that occur as our bodies age. With the wear and tear of our bodies, the first ones to be affected are the joints, which are connective parts that connect two bones together. As we get older, joints between our bones start to wear out due to constant application of stress and pressure.

Arthritis accounts for 54.4 million cases of bodily ailments in the USA. This is a total of 22% of total adults in the United States. Considering the scope of affectation, joint ailments have been proven to be quite a challenge to treat, due to its many causes.

Introducting Heal n Soothe for Joint Pain

Heal n Soothe is a product made by Living Well Nutraceuticals. The technology of the product has a combination of systemic enzymes comprised of 12 natural pain fighters. These include Ginger, Rutin, Papain, Bromelain, and Turmeric.

There is a technology called Systemic Enzyme Therapy. This type of treatment has been utilized globally for more than 50 years. Heal n Soothe makes use of this same of treatment through capsule form. Systemic treatment means that the enzymes used by the body affect all your bodily systems and organs. Enzymes are also called biocatalysts–they are produced by the body, or through nutrition. Their main purpose in the body is to make bodily functions work for or against each other. Enzymes are known to prevent inflammation. Heal n Soothe contains natural pain relievers which also stimulate the production and circulation of enzymes.

Enzymes are not considered as drugs. Instead, they aid in lessening bodily inflammations by helping to normalize biochemicals in the body. Through the reduction of inflamed bodily parts, there is a higher chance of regeneration of the joints. Heal n Soothe may help in this by preventing the inflammation and allowing your body to have an opportunity to repair its joints and other tissues that connect your bones. There are other several benefits that can come when the body is able to fight inflammation. Increased enzyme production against inflammation can help in heart conditions, cancer, strains, contusions, and fractures.

Unlike synthetic drugs, Heal n Soothe aims to treat the root cause of pain and not only provide temporary relief. Heal n Soothe is available to be purchased online and the company gives a free trial bottle that can last for a month. Every 30 days, satisfied customers can purchase a bottle at $49.95 promo compared to its retail price at $59.

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