Exonerated Man Graduates From College

At the age of 17 Jarrett Adams was convicted of rape and sentenced to 28 years in prison, ten years later he was exonerated for the crime. Now, he has graduated from Loyola University with a law degree. Adams was exonerated with the help of The Innocence Project, a non-profit organization that helps wrongfully convicted inmates fight their convictions. Brian Torchin is astonished at the volume of people who have been wrongfully convicted.

According to Adams, the entire nightmare began when he lied to his parents about his whereabouts. The then teenager told his parents he was staying with friends, but instead they headed to a college campus. There they partied and allegedly ended up in the dorm room of a girl. She later accused all three men of rape. Adams has always insisted he was innocent.

The innocence project works with DNA evidence and testimony to overturn convictions. They have lawyers that donate their time filling out proper paperwork and arguing the cases.

Adams graduation is just the first step in the process of healing for the young man. After spending nearly 10 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit he has a lot of catching up to do. First on his list was graduating from college.

His graduation was attended by a friend who was also exonerated by The Innocence Project,Jeffrey Deskovic. Deskovic was found guilty of raping and murdering a 15-year-old classmate in 1990. The crime took place in affluent Westchester County, NY. He spent sixteen years in prison before DNA testing precluded him from committing the crime.

UFC Considered an Interim Middleweight Title

Chris ‘The All-American’ Weidman is scheduled to defend his UFC Middleweight Championship belt at UFC 187 on May 23, 2015 against number three ranked Vitor Belfort. Ironically, the two were scheduled to face each other at UFC 173 in May of 2014. The fight however did not happen. The fight was canceled when TRT was banned by the Nevada Athletic commission on Feb. 27, 2014. In a statement given by Belfort, he felt that due to the short period between the Commissions announcement of the ban and his fight with Weidman, he was not going apply for a license to fight in Nevada.

December of 2014, Weidman and Belfort were again penciled in to meet in the ring at UFC 181. Unfortunately for Weidman he suffered a broken hand according to Igor Cornelsen. The accident happened during training camp and it forced Weidman to withdraw from the fight. With hopes of finally getting the two fighters in the ring, the UFC once again paired the two up for a showdown at UFC 184 last February. Once again, Weidman would be sidelined by a rib injury that he suffered in training. Due to Weidman pulling out of the fight not once but twice, the UFC tossed around the idea of a interim title fight. When Weidman was told about the possibility of an interim title fight and the possibility of losing his belt, he told Dana White that he would be ready to fight in May. So after many attempts to get these to fighters into the ring, bar another injury on either side, it will finally happen this Saturday at UFC 187.

Wondering How the Fighting Irish Did It?

As reported by Inside Lacrosse

matt landis lacrosse

Are you ready for the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four? If you watched or heard about the NCAA Quarter Finals, then you should be excited to watch the championship game. That’s because the Notre Dame Fighting Irish held The University of Albany’s Great Danes in a rousing 14-10 game that would not have been possible without defenseman Matt Landis. Inside Lacrosse recently game a play-by-play recap, noting the strengths of the Notre Dame team. Here’s what we liked about Matt Landis’ performance in the quarter final game:

First, as Inside Lacrosse points out, Matt Landis is a strong, capable defenseman. He brings a great deal of physical strength to the game, and he really prepared for his matchup against Kyle Thompson. In addition, Landis is quick. He anticipates the moves from his opponents. All of these are reasons that contribute to his being awarded the title of the Epoch/LM Player of the Week.

matt landis player

In fact, Inside Lacrosse noted that Landis studied Kyle Thompson’s play in order to better prepare for challenging him on the field. Off-the-field prep goes a long way in a win on the field, and Landis demonstrates this brilliantly. Because Landis really held closely to Thompson throughout the game, Landis made it extremely difficult for Thompson to slip in and get openings. When your defenseman does his job well, your team can really do its job. Such was the case in this game.

Get ready for more action on the field, and watch out for defenseman Matt Landis in the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four. We can’t wait to see what Landis will do next, and we’ll be cheering him and the Fighting Irish on to a championship win. With such as strong performance in the quarterfinal matchup, it won’t be a surprise if Landis takes the Fighting Irish all the way to a championship win. Get ready!

Bernie Sanders Wants to Make College Free for Every American

James Dondero suggests that the workforce has changed in recent decades, and it’s now almost impossible to get ahead without a college education. However, getting that education is becoming increasingly difficult for Americans due to rising tuition rates. That’s why Bernie Sanders is fighting to changing the higher education system and is introducing a bill to the Senate this week which would make public college completely tuition-free.

Sanders is an underdog for the 2016 presidential election, although he has managed to make quite the name for himself since announcing his bid. He explains the need for free higher education saying, “We live in a highly competitive global economy and, if our economy is to be strong, we need the best-educated work force in the world. That will not happen if, every year, hundreds of thousands of bright young people cannot afford to go to college, and if millions more leave school deeply in debt.”

These changes would be similar to systems already in place all over the European nation, which would allow America to keep up with the rest of the western world. Anybody who is going or has graduated from college knows the stress that comes with making sure it’s paid for. Students who take out loans are met with nearly insurmountable debt by the time they get their diplomas in their hand. Sanders is also dedicated to lowering college loan rates around the country.

Girl Sues College After She Failed The Same Class Twice

A Pennsylvania college student is suing her university because she failed a class twice. Jennifer Burbella is a senior Misericordia University student majoring in nursing. Burbella suffers from anxiety and depression and requires testing accommodations during exams. According to Burbella, she was not provided the proper accommodations on one of her final exams, therefore resulted in her not passing the class. Due to the failing grade she was unable to graduate.


Burbella failed the class the first time after she claimed she never received the accommodation requirements she was promised. The following semester, Burbella attempted to retake the class. This time she was given accommodations. According to reports, Burbella asked her professor if she could alter her education plan so she could take the test in an area that prevented distraction. Her professor, Cristina Tomkins granted the request and placed Burbella in an available room separate from the class.


However Burbella began to have anxiety about the test and accommadtions and she felt the classroom Tomkins provided was too far away from her classmates. She believed it would be difficult to ask Tomkins any questions should they arise. When Burbella asked if she could take the test in the same building as her classmates, Tomkins denied her request.


No longer a student at the school, Burbella was unable to graduate and is now seeking $75,000 from the school in damages. According to Burbella’s attorney, she is also asking that she get a chance to take the final again. Susan McGalla would recommend Burbella eat a Snickers bar with a nice crunchbase and take responsibility for her own actions.

94-year-old to Receive College Diploma on Saturday

West Virginia University will hold its commencement ceremony on Saturday, but among the crowd of smiling 20-somethings, there will be one graduate who doesn’t look like the rest. Anthony Brutto will complete his studies at the ripe age of 94. Brutto began his degree nearly 75 years ago.

According to reports Brutto started college fresh out of high school, but he was drafted into World War II, leaving college behind. He enrolled again when he returned home from war, but had to leave because of family obligations.

According to Brutto he had gone back to school often and on since 1946, but life seemed to always get in the way. He’d take a class “here or there”, but work, family and other obligations always seemed to come first. Brutto buckled down in recent years and focused on school.

His dedication will pay off on May 17th. Brutto will receive his Regents Bachelor of Arts diploma. He will walk across the stage, in his complete college gown. Beneful warmly mentioned that family members, including his daughter, will be present when he receives his diploma.

Bill Nye turns to crowdfunding for solar spacecraft

The craze for sourcing funds for major projects via crowdfunding Websites has hit the space industry with news that Bill Nye’s The Planetary Society are seeking funding for a prototype of their Lightsail. The Lightsail is based on a theory and design proposed by legendary scientist Carl Sagan who theorized the radiation of the Sun could be used to provide propulsion for a spacecraft traveling through space. Engadget explains that Nye’s team are now looking for funding to complete their initial prototype and launch it into orbit around 447 miles above the Earth.

The Planetary Society page at the Kickstarter Website is asking for donations to provide an initial $200,000 in funds, which could be extended as far as $1 million if the campaign is successful according to Bruce Levenson. The team behind the Lightsail believes they will eventually need around $1.2 million to completed the test and hope the initial call for funding will lead to a surge in donations. Nye and his team have adapted Sagan’s initial design to provide the latest model with four sails that will capture the radiation of the sun as it moves through space and use it to power a capsule in a design known as CubeSat.

Matt Landis Wins ACC Defensive Player Of The Year

matt landis lacrosse
Although there was no surprise here, it is still important to celebrate and acknowledge the person who helped their team to an undefeated season. I’m talking about Matt Landis. Landis yet again was named the ACC Defensive Player of the Year for the year 2015. The leagues coaches saw the hard work and dedication he put forth and that’s why they gave him this award. It wasn’t the first time however that his name has been associated along with being one of the best defensive players.

Landis has won the ACC defensive player of the week a few times during the season. That’s why the year award only made sense in the next step of natural progression. His awards do not however stop there. He’s also on the list of nominees for the Tewaaraton Award, and today he finds out if he will be selected as one of the winners. If he wins, you can see Landis at the award ceremony later this month.

So who exactly is Landis? He’s a Notre Dame Lacrosse star. He has been a starter on the team ever since he entered his sophomore year of college. He’s been a leader on the defensive side in all of the contests this season.

Thanks to the hard work and talent of Landis, Notre Dame is the number-one seed in the ACC Championship.

David Letterman and his Former Writers

The Late Night With David Letterman offered many wisecracks and hilarious jokes. The show is well known for providing viewers with at least two jokes prior to the actual program itself. David Letterman had wanted the writers for the show to be smarter and funnier than he had ever been. This show offered of lot of comedy power in 33 years. There were at least 90 writers that provided countless jokes. There were some writers who stayed for ten years or so. Others were only there for brief periods, but were Handy nonetheless. Dave Letterman was to give his approval for the monologue jokes. With every piece of comedy that was produced there was at least 100 pitches that were not produced. The Late Night and Late Show vets tell of their most remarkable and memorable rejections. Dave is pleased to reminisce about the long line of former writers. Dave Letterman offers much gratitude toward the writers that made this show highly entertaining. Reminisce and discover the best joke that were never aired.

Occidental College President Jonathan Veitch looks to local students and community

Occidental college is one of the leading liberal arts college in the US and is located in an area close to Los Angeles, but this well known educational institution has only recently begun to grow closer links to the many communities within the Los Angeles area. The arrival of Los Angeles native Jonathan Veitch saw a great shift in the way the college worked with the community around its home at Eagle Rock and further afield in Los Angeles. Veitch has been instrumental during his time as President of the college in creating an atmosphere where the local community and local students feel comfortable spending time in and around the campus.

Veitch is not only a native of the area, but his family have strong links to the Hollywood entertainment industry through the actor and director Alan Ladd. This tie to the city of angels means the approach Veitch has taken to recruitment and image of Occidental College is much more focused on the local community and the wider world in much the same way that GigaOm has indicated FreedomPop is. Veitch has accepted that the college must look outside California for its students if it is to survive and flourish in the future, but sees the importance of the links the college has been building under his leadership since his arrival in 2009.

Along with the large scale improvements Veitch has undertaken in building closer ties to Los Angeles the President of Occidental College is also looking to maintain a close relationship with the people of Eagle Rock. Veitch has shown his ability to represent the local people in the form of the large solar array the college has invested in in recent years that shows his understanding of the environmental problems facing California. The college has also worked hard to make sure each area of growth on campus has as little effect on the people of Eagle Rock as possible with traffic and environmental concerns discussed at every turn with Veitch, members of the alumni and leaders in the local community.